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  • Hello and welcome to our blue mutt blog! I'm Allison - a Dallas based photographer specializing in all types of kiddos - be they furry or not. I love them all: two legs or four legs, tail or no tail, sleeping, crawling, walking, running, swinging and swimming.

    I love what I do and am so lucky to be given the opportunity to capture the spirit of your little love bug in an artistic, candid style.

    Oh, and that's Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - he only has one eye. But he is oh so handsome! He even has a business named after him. I would venture to say that Willie is living the good life.

Happy Holidays!

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Bevo 2011!

This past weekend was Texas vs. Oklahoma weekend here in Dallas, and if you are from around here you know exactly what that means! The State Fair of Texas, BBQ, parties, rivalries, friends, and of course some Longhorn football. I was so excited to be invited back to Bevo’s party for the third year in a row – he and I are definitely buddies now:)The party was a huge success and tons of people and kiddos had their photo taken with this famous mascot. Thank you to the Silver Spurs for doing such a great job keeping Bevo happy!

If you attended this years party with Bevo you can see all of the photos at this link: Bevo 2011.



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Michele great pics…wrong team!

Baby Smiles!

I am absolutely in love with this photo of newborn baby Graham! He is such a happy baby and this big grin shows it. And his owl hat is just the cutest thing around… I’m sure I let out a squeal when his mom pulled it out! Enjoy the smiles… many, many more to come!

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Bella & Sophie

Bella & Sophie are two of the sweetest Chihuahua sister’s in Dallas. Bella, who is the older of the two at 7 years old, was my immediate friend… well I’m not exactly sure if she loved me or my pocket full of treats to be exact, but she turned out to be a natural in front of the camera. Her little sister, Sophie – who is 3 years old, needed a little more coaxing than my pocket full of treats. She wasn’t sure of my “huge” camera that was almost the same size as her! But after a few of my tricks she was ready for her close up as well. I had such a great time getting to know these two love bugs! I just love photographing Chihuahua’s (or Chihua-la’s as my 3 year old niece would say :)) They have the best expressions!

That is Sophie on the left and Bella on the right. Gotta love those summer photo shoots with blue skies!


Best buds… One paw up and one paw down:)

I thought this was hysterical! Sophie has a “peep” hole in her fence where she can check on the neighbors dog. It is exactly the right height!

“We are the two best friends that anyone could have… Yes the two best friends that anyone could have…”


Genevieve Those are great. The peep hole is hilarious!

Michele How will they every decide? Those pics have such personality to them!

Deb H Chihuahuas have the best tongues!

Alisa Fun, fun! I love the peep hole. Those two lucky dogs look like partners in crime. : )

Leigha i love the black and white ones!

Blue Mutt Photography is in Living Magazine!

After working with Pet Resort Dallas to give their clients an amazing Photo Day, I was pleased to be contacted by them once more! They were being featured in a local Dallas Magazine: Living Magazine and needed a photographer for the article. I was so excited – I was dancing around in my office and could hardly wait to go back to their amazing facility and capture it in photos. Then the hard part stated… waiting for the article to come out.

Well the wait is up and I am so excited to share it with everyone!! Love it! Let me know what you think:)


Mr. Blue Mutt Congrats! You’re officially published, and it looks great.

Mr. Blue Mutt Congrats! You’re officially published and it looks great.

Alisa You ARE officially published! Totally professional. Does this mean that I am famous too?

Anne Way to go, Alli! This is awesome. The pictures look great!!!