About The Photographer:

Where to start…some people have told me I should write a book about my life – my answer, I’m not done yet! I’ll keep it on the short side just in case I do get around to writing that book one day, then you’ll still have a reason to read it!


Short Version: for all of my fellow skimmers out there.

So if you want to know me in a nut shell: I’ve been in 18 car accidents, fallen in love once and married him, been mugged 3 times, love animals, love to paint, play, and photography. lived in Barcelona for a while. Hate tofu, love Mexican food. Broken my nose 3 times. Been to 11 different countries. Love skunk smell, not on me though. Dance around when I’m home alone. Been through some really great times and some really rough times, but I’m still dancing. Recently got married in Mexico with 75 of our closest friends and family. Incredibly horrible singer – but sing anyway. Only 2 things I can actually cook are lean pockets and chocolate meringue pie. World’s worst speller. Can’t go one day without losing my keys, phone, and sunglasses. Love 80’s music, movies, and clothes. Never met a dog I didn’t love!


Long Version: read on if you have time!

I grew up in South Texas on a cattle ranch, spending almost everyday surrounded by animals.  My best friend and confidant was a little terrier named Roxy. At a young age I got into gymnastics…crazy, crazy gymnastics. My career, which was a good one – apparently I lacked the emotion of fear, ended abruptly in a horrible accident on the vault, lets just say my nose is still paying for it. If you would like to know more just ask.

In High School I was the quintessential south Texas teenager! Cheerleader, Dance Team member, dating the football quarterback boyfriend. Then it came time for me to choose a college and a career. I decided I would become an Architect, even to this day I think I should have gone to veterinarian school, ah but maybe in a different life.

I went to The University of Texas, which has one of the hardest architectural schools in the country, I’m not bragging…believe me, it was horrible. I once went 3 days with no sleep and sat at a stop sign for 20 minutes waiting for it to turn green, why did no one honk? Probably because it was around 3:30am.

After school I moved to Dallas and began working at an architectural firm, that flew me around the world – yet something was missing. I met my husband during a power outage…he lived in the apartment across from me. So I was literally the girl next door. My love of animals and photography grew and grew until one day a light bulb went off. And I took a flying leap into starting my own business.

Now, I am finally doing what I love! I am so excited that I get to work with animals everyday and create art at the same time. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Yep, that’s me up there. I think I was about 5 years old when this picture was taken. Notice how my feet don’t even reach the stir-ups. But I had that “chin on the shoulder” pose perfected. That’s my horse: Mike Bars (don’t ask where his name came from, because I don’t even know). I do know that he was one of the sweetest, most gentle, and loving horse I’ve ever been around. Someday I hope to start photographing horses as well. Who knows, maybe even dogs riding on horses… wait that’s the circus.


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