Mr. Blue Mutt

Wilson Lincoln Kolle Cameron (that’s his full name) was born somewhere in East Texas in April of 2005. Soon after he was found in a gas station parking lot, abandoned, abused, hurt, with fleas, ticks and mange. The perfect dog in my eyes! A young college student found him and took him to the emergency vet where his right eye was removed. Someone or something had hit him and shattered his eye socket and his eye was un-savable. Okay – enough yucky stuff.

My husband (boyfriend at the time) got an e-mail with Willie’s sad little picture with his eye all patched up and we knew instantly that we were going to adopt him. We drove out to East Texas and picked him up, he was so skinny; he doubled his weight in the first 2 weeks. It took him a little while to get used to his one eye but in no time at all he was catching tennis balls in mid air.

3 years later, he is the most loving, handsome dog in the state of Texas – It’s true! We’ve determined, with the help of our vet, that he is mostly Blue Heeler, with some Border Collie, German Sheppard and a bunch of Mutt! He spends most of his days sleeping, riding around in the car with me, and playing with his soccer ball. He LOVES his soccer ball. Now, he has a business named after him!! He is living the life.

How did I get started taking pictures of pets? Well my husband and I decided to get married in Cabo San Lucas and were so sad that Willie wasn’t going to be a part of our wedding. We knew our wedding favor to our guest was going to be a donation to the SPCA of Texas in their honor. I then decided that Willie could be a part of the wedding by having his picture there. So I set up a make shift studio in my living room and took his picture with a small point and shoot digital camera. I knew from that second on, that this is what I was meant to do!



More Nena & Pepe, Blue Mutt Photogrpahy | […] I wanted to share more photos from my session with Nena & Pepe. Now, I am generally not the “dress up your dog” type… but this was for a good cause – A wedding! These pup’s parents are getting married soon in Puerto Rico. They really wanted Nena & Pepe to be a part of their big day, so we took some great photographs of them to incorporate into their wedding details.  I couldn’t pass this up because I know how important it is! Great minds think alike: Mr. Blue Mutt.  […]

Blue Mutt’s Afternoon Off, Blue Mutt Photography | […] Willie loves to catch the ball high in the air. Usually the only time he misses is when I give him a bad toss, just like the on the right …oops! To learn more about Mr. Blue Mutt check out his own page – blue mutt […]

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