tail wag and a middle name

Layla has come miles from that shy little puppy we adopted a few weeks ago. Her best friend in the entire world is her big brother Willie, who has shown Layla the ropes around here. In fact she follows him everywhere, sleeps when he sleeps, plays when he plays, and eats when he eats. Their favorite game right now is tug-of-war! Willie is such a sweet boy because he even let’s Layla win every now and then đŸ˜‰

We have also decided on a middle name for our little girl. Drum roll please…….. Layla Ruth Cameron. Why Ruth? Well the best response for her middle name I received on the post Little Layla was actually: Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Which made me laugh pretty hard:)Of course we couldn’t really name her that – but I do agree that she looks like chocolate and caramel. So to stay with the theme of Goonies*, we chose Baby Ruth (the star candy bar in the movie). Thank you for all of your creative suggestions!

* Willie is actually named after The Goonies “One Eyed Willie.” The pirate who’s treasure they are searching for. I know we are dorks but we do love our 80’s movies!


Kristin She is so sweet, and looks like she is fitting in perfectly with the Cameron clan! Love her pink tongue. :)

anne Cute! Love it! Pretty pictures too!

alisa I totally love the first picture of them on the bed. It’s beautiful.

Nancy I reached your website through Anne R’s blog. She is my daughter-in-law. Your photos are GORGEOUS — what talent you have. We have 2 poodles, one a rescue, and I have ALWAYS been a dog owner and lover. Kudos to you!

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