Good Morning Texas!

This morning Blue Mutt Photography was featured on Good Morning Texas & I couldn’t be more excited! I was invited to be on GMT to share some tips on how everyone can get a great photo of their own pet. Everything went great. Willie acted as my demonstration dog and he was amazing… so was my hubby (my official handler).

All of the cameras and lights were a little overwhelming, but the people at the show were amazing and made everything seem like a breeze. Everyone treated Willie like a king so he was a happy camper. Of course Brad and I came racing home after the show to watch the recording. Hopefully I will have the video up on my blog soon! If you want to see it now just click here: Picture Perfect Pet Photography

While I was on set, waiting for everything to get going I started snapping some photos! Why not?? So here are some of the behind the scenes. We took a quick group photo before going on air. That is one of the hosts: Rob McCollum. He did an incredible job interviewing me and keeping me on track!

Trista, the original bachelorette, and star of the day was on just seconds before me. She is actually doing her interview in this photo! We were already set up and ready to go next…

Here are some photos of my super awesome “official” animal handler… my husband Brad. He did a great job of keeping Willie calm and focused. Of course I filled his jeans pocket up with treats so I’m sure that helped a little. Thank you Brad for all you do!

Trista even had some fans outside…. Maybe next time Willie will have a few 😉

These are some of the shots that I actually captured during the segment. Willie did so well – I have already promised him a ton of Frosty Paws. The lighting in the room was amazing! Can you see that huge clock/timer behind him. I was on air for about 5 minutes but it felt like 30 seconds. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

What a whirlwind! I love being a pet photographer, I really do! Thank you to everyone at wfaa in Dallas and channel 8!


Michele Too cool! The segment was awesome. Great job – we are so proud of you!

Andrea Chandler Great Job! I learned so much!

Kristin All I can say is wow, wow, wow! So proud of you Allison. Everyone that has seen the spot (my mom, Matt’s mom, Matt, etc) agree that you did a wonderful job. I know Willie & Brad are proud of their main lady.

Amy Congratulations. That looks like so much fun! You deserve it!

Julie Yay, Allison! You and Willy and Brad did so great! I loved seeing my sweet Harry’s face on the show too :) I am posting this on Facebook. I have friends who need to use you for their pets!!

Anne This was amazing and I can’t believe the shots you took there (both of Willie during the actual segment, which was super impressive, and the behind-the-scenes photos). You guys were picture-perfect!

april Awesome, Allison!! You were a natural! And willie rocked it too! :)

LaTasha Absolutely awesome…followed Anne’s blog to yours. Those pics of that dog are breathtaking!

bluemutt Thank you so much for all of your positive feedback! We really did have a blast going on the show. I think Willie is the true star 😉

Melanie Bliss I loved this segment – y’all did such a great job! Melanie

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