okay well his name is really just Scout, but everytime I see Scout I can’t help but go up to him and rub his ears while saying Scouty-Pouty with my bottom lip pushed out. Try it – no one’s looking…. See, I told you so:)Scout is a 10 year old dog that lives in my neighborhood and we like to joke that he has a crush on my little Layla. Scouts photoshoot couldn’t have been better. Scout was excited to show me all his tricks and run and play, after which we went inside to get some of those shots that just make you saw awwwe…

I was so extremely happy and almost proud of myself after going through Scouts photo. Why? Well, I feel like the entire gallery really captured the moment: the sun setting, the cool breeze of fall arriving, the excitement from Scout, the goofy-ness in Scout’s personality, the love between Scout and his mom, and the feeling of “home.” That is always my goal with every pet photography session and this one just seems to really capture it all. Let me know what you think… What “feeling” do you get from the photos?


Andria Kushan Scouty Pouty (aka Scooters, Scoots, Scouters)!!! These are aMAZing shots of my grumpy old man. You really did capture the full range of Scout’s emotions, from “Gimme that treat PLLLEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE, like, NOW!” to “Don’t kiss me, Mom you’re embarrassing me!” to “Ssshhhhhhh, i’m trying to sleep while getting your couch FULL of dog hair.” Even for an old man, he’s still pretty cute, huh? And you really can’t avoid petting those ears.

Thanks Allison! You are awesome!

Michele Those are great…how will she decide?!?!

Mama Monster What a beautiful face!!!! Great shots!

~The Mama Monster

alisa There ARE a lot of feelings in this gallery. I mushed them all together, and I felt …. comfort. A wonderful pet is always a comfort to his owner. Very excellent work.

anne Adorable, as always! These captured a lot of personalities – fun!

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