Park Cities Quail Unlimited

I am looking for you vote. Park Cities Quail Unlimited is one of the many hunting associations here in Texas. I was so excited when they contacted me for their banquet this spring. I am donating a photo session to their silent auction. I had just finished my photo shoot with Dixie (who is a bird dog), and I wanted to get some more “hunting” type photos. Dixie’s mom was happy to help. We packed up and went to a nearby field that also has the Dallas skyline in the background. The photo chosen will be displayed at the banquet! Place your vote soon!

1, 2…

 …or 3


Haley I vote for #3! I like the skyline… it seems part of the story in this picture.

april I’m so excited for your banquet, Allison! I vote for #3, love the skyline. Though I might crop a little off the right side so the pup isn’t so centered and so there’s a more dramatic change in the background going from the city skyline to the trees.

blue mutt April – great idea about the crop! I knew something was off, just couldn’t put my finger on it. Thanks guys!

Kristin I like #1 the best – something about Dixie close-up is so dramatic with the hint of the Dallas skyline in the back. You get a sense that she could be out in the woods somewhere, but then you notice the skyline, it’s very cool. Congrats on the inclusion in the auction too, that’s great! Love you!

Jamie OMG these are fantastic Allison! I was going to pick #1 first, until I saw #3. It’s amazing. They are all beautiful, but #3 is darn near perfect. I agree about cropping a little off the right side, then it WILL be perfect!

Mary Hey – I’m a new fan of your site. I found you via Jaime’s links.

My vote is for #1. I think it really captures the two ideas: Hunting Dogs + City, with the blurred city being less important than that gorgeous dog in the foreground.

I like #3 on it’s own, but for me, the amount of grass and it’s very dominant texture compete with the two most important elements that I think are better featured in #1.

All three are nice shots – it’s a tough choice!

Andrew Rozell the pointer with the dallas background is awesome!

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