Venice, Tuscany, & Florence

The second half of our trip to Italy was spent in Venice, Florence, and parts of Tuscany. Some of the most picturesque places in the world. We had to keep pinching ourselves to make sure we knew it was real. Just too beautiful for words! I am ready to go back! Enjoy and stay tuned for some SPCA of Texas news…


Haley Poulos Tuscany-03 is my favorite (I love them all).
I think it’s the open windows in the building that really make it a story- it’s a beautiful landscape but you’ve managed to draw people in by making them wonder what’s going on in that window! At least, that’s what did it for me! : )

Kristin Any one of these photos could be a postcard or framed and in an art gallery. You’re so talented.

Jamie Ha, I forgot about your trip to Italy, and when I opened your blog, before I got to see the images, i saw the title to this post and thought “wow, those are *great* names for kitties!”. LOL

Italy is beautiful, and your photos are incredible. Hope you had an amazing time! (Looks like you did) :-)

michele Wow! Wow! Wow! Those are perfect!

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