Bailey & Gus Outside

I finally got to do an outdoor session with Bailey and her new little brother, Gus, a Boykin Spaniel puppy. He is too cute and so floppy. Gus was named after Hurricane Gustav that came into the Gulf the weekend he was brought home to Dallas. Gus got a couple good licks on my camera lens…thank goodness for filters! These two wore me out playing and playing. They are almost the same size right now, but in no time at all Gus will be twice the size of Bailey.

Gus Has the most beautiful blue-green eyes.

By the end of the day Gus was ready for bed…


Kristin M. Gus and Bailey are too cute, and the site looks amazing! I’m so very proud of you, but have one request. Please come to Louisville, (1) to see me, and (2) to photograph Olivia! She deserves a spot on your site!

Lauren I. Allison– These pics are amazing!! I am so impressed with your site and the photos. I am thinking that I am definitely going to have to get ALL of these pics :) !!

Allison Thank you Lauren! It was so much fun taking pictures of Bailey and Gus! I can’t wait to see how much Gus has grown!

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