Harry & Coco

Have you ever come across a puppy who just melts your heart? Well I found two of them.  Meet Harry & Coco – both were rescue dogs and couldn’t have been rescued by a better, more caring mom. Harry & Coco’s mom is devoted to helping every last shelter dog she can. She loves these two so much, it made it that much more of a delight to photograph them for her. Harry is part Chinese Crested and a lot of mutt (which is the best kind of dog in my book!). He has quite a story: he was found on a construction site, and was so stressed out by the noise, that he had lost all of his hair.  He’s come a long way since those days! His sister, Coco, is part chihuahua and part terrier  so she’s been nicknamed Coco”nut” (I’m sure many terrier and Chihuahua owners would agree that they can get a little nutty sometimes) Love it!

Oh, and if you happen to know Harry & Coco’s soon to be dad… mums the word, it’s a surprise!

Harry & Coco have such expressive faces… not to mention eyebrows and lashes that go on for days!

By the end of the photo shoot it was lights out for little Harry… I think Coco could have kept going for days – so much energy and love to give. Both just too sweet for words!


Alisa Those are such wonderful shots of that heart melting pair. Those little faces are so cute. Very excellent gallery. 3 and 16 are show amazing detail. 11 & 12 — perfect framed side by side. I would have to get them all. Hats off to the wonderful mom who took them in and treats them like royalty.

Kristin M. I am so lucky to have such a very talented friend who continues to awe and inspire me.

Julie Those are my babies! Allison did such a wonderful job capturing their dear, sweet faces!

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