Summer Bath

In Mr. Blue Mutt’s mind, summer bath time has got to be just about the best thing around. We spend at least 20 minutes soaking him down while he chases the water and tries to eat it or catch it. He loves every minute of it. Then we suds him up as fast as possible and let him loose again, only to play in the water until all the soap is gone. I was lucky enough to have my husband do all the work while I took some photographs.


By the way – don’t tell Willie he’s actually getting a bath… Just makes me smile:)Hope it brightens your day!

And no bath would be complete without a good shake…


Stephanie I for sure got a smile out of these. They are great! And I even saw a rainbow mixed in with the water sprinkles. Did you plan that too? Awesome shots!

Alisa What a great idea for a photo shoot. These are great shots and I love the drops of water. You could do that at the end of a regular shoot. The photos made me feel good too!

Alisa Look at Willie’s big smile in #4. I love it.

Nicole This is my Tucker’s favorite thing about summer too! Awesome shots. A good reminder to take more pics of my OWN doggie!

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