SPCA Thursday… Hot!

Today is SPCA Thursday:)One of my favorite days. However, today it is officially hot. We are up to about 98 or 100 degrees here in Dallas. No complaining from these adoptable furry friends at the shelter, they were ready for their close-up.

First up meet Weavel and Harry. Weavel needs a little work on the leash, he only has two speeds: sprint and stop! Good thing he’s so tiny. And Mr. Harry on the left is just as cute as he can be with some of the softest fur in town.

On the right is Squatty – not sure why she’s named that… maybe she was shorter than all of her brothers and sisters. I feel in love with her big brown eyes, what a sweet face. And on the right is Goldie, I can tell she will be someone’s loyal puppy till the end – she would just sit there and look at me while I talked to her, and she loves a good ear rub!

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april They’re all so cute! The little white pup is precious… what a sweet lil fluffball!

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