Best. Ears. Ever.

This little girls name is Lola, and she has the best set of ears I’ve ever come across! I met her at the SPCA this morning and she sure did brighten my day. I think she is trying to balance out her ears with her tongue.

And this little lady is sugar – she was doing her own thing this morning so I got this great silhouette shot. She’s a sweetie!


Stephanie Awesome Ears ! Love the first two shots. My Fav :)

april I am cracking up at the photos of Lola. She is hilariously cute!!!

bluemutt I was giggling the entire time… even while I was editing them!

Alisa I think that Lola might have some coyote in her background. We laughed and laughed…. and, of course, Phillip wants to adopt her. I like the silhouette shot….very thought provoking.

Nicole I love that first one on the left! Lola’s got ‘tude! Great shots!

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