SPCA Thursday

Today is Thursday – the day I get to go play with pups and kitties at the SPCA! There were some cuties and some characters there today. First up meet Glory – she made me giggle… it was her first day ever to be on a leash – she was just a sweetie and stayed right by my side. The photo on the right is what made me laugh so hard, believe it or not – she is standing completely still and there is no wind. When she heard a noise that she was interested in, her ears would start flapping like butterflies… I was so lucky to catch them in action!

These two are Gypsy and Millie, both so loving and looking for forever homes. Millie just wanted to give hugs the whole time. Even though we knew she wasn’t supposed to jump up, I couldn’t resist the hugs.

This little sweetheart stole my heart… Her eyes say it all!

And don’t forget the little kitty’s – I love how they start purring right when you open their kennel. Calmest grey kitten I’ve ever seen by the way!

I would also like to thank Sharon, my fellow volunteer at the SPCA of Texas in Dallas. All of these photos wouldn’t be possible without her help getting the animals ready for their glamor shot. Thank you Sharon!


Sharon Allison, you’re so sweet to thank me! I want to thank you for being so fun to work with. I’ve loved seeing the wonderful photos you take each week. I’ll continue to check in with you, at least weekly, even though I can’t continue to work with you. I’ve enjoyed it so very much! I wish you the very best. I hope you keep in touch.

Alexa Great photos! The Beagle is super adorable! You’re right- she has wonderful eyes!

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