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Good Morning Texas Video

Here is the video (or segment as they say in the TV biz) from yesterday’s Good Morning Texas. I think I’ve watched it about 20 time, no joke! I really do feel like I am living in a pet photographer’s dream! Hope these tips help you get some great shots of your furry ones.

A big thank you to Buster’s Grandpa for helping me with all the technical aspects to working with video clips! He even made me DVD copies to send to all my family members! Also, thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback – you really do make me feel like a superstar 😉 And last but not least – wfaa channel 8 & the GMT team – you rock!

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Good Morning Texas!

This morning Blue Mutt Photography was featured on Good Morning Texas & I couldn’t be more excited! I was invited to be on GMT to share some tips on how everyone can get a great photo of their own pet. Everything went great. Willie acted as my demonstration dog and he was amazing… so was my hubby (my official handler).

All of the cameras and lights were a little overwhelming, but the people at the show were amazing and made everything seem like a breeze. Everyone treated Willie like a king so he was a happy camper. Of course Brad and I came racing home after the show to watch the recording. Hopefully I will have the video up on my blog soon! If you want to see it now just click here: Picture Perfect Pet Photography

While I was on set, waiting for everything to get going I started snapping some photos! Why not?? So here are some of the behind the scenes. We took a quick group photo before going on air. That is one of the hosts: Rob McCollum. He did an incredible job interviewing me and keeping me on track!

Trista, the original bachelorette, and star of the day was on just seconds before me. She is actually doing her interview in this photo! We were already set up and ready to go next…

Here are some photos of my super awesome “official” animal handler… my husband Brad. He did a great job of keeping Willie calm and focused. Of course I filled his jeans pocket up with treats so I’m sure that helped a little. Thank you Brad for all you do!

Trista even had some fans outside…. Maybe next time Willie will have a few 😉

These are some of the shots that I actually captured during the segment. Willie did so well – I have already promised him a ton of Frosty Paws. The lighting in the room was amazing! Can you see that huge clock/timer behind him. I was on air for about 5 minutes but it felt like 30 seconds. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

What a whirlwind! I love being a pet photographer, I really do! Thank you to everyone at wfaa in Dallas and channel 8!

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BIG Blue Mutt News

Blue Mutt Photography is making it’s TV debut… LIVE! I couldn’t be more excited or nervous for that matter – But I can’t wait!

Good Morning Texas will be featuring me along with Mr. Blue Mutt (Willie) next Tuesday.  Channel 8 contacted us earlier this week to see if we could share some tips on how to get great photos of your own pet. I was so excited I replied yes so fast it probably scared them. Tips – have I got tips for you! Tons of tips!

So tune in (or set your DVR) to Channel 8 on Tuesday, the 17th, at 9:00am. Wish us luck!!

I will also post all about the show and the tips I will be sharing in case you miss the show :)

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tail wag and a middle name

Layla has come miles from that shy little puppy we adopted a few weeks ago. Her best friend in the entire world is her big brother Willie, who has shown Layla the ropes around here. In fact she follows him everywhere, sleeps when he sleeps, plays when he plays, and eats when he eats. Their favorite game right now is tug-of-war! Willie is such a sweet boy because he even let’s Layla win every now and then 😉

We have also decided on a middle name for our little girl. Drum roll please…….. Layla Ruth Cameron. Why Ruth? Well the best response for her middle name I received on the post Little Layla was actually: Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Which made me laugh pretty hard :) Of course we couldn’t really name her that – but I do agree that she looks like chocolate and caramel. So to stay with the theme of Goonies*, we chose Baby Ruth (the star candy bar in the movie). Thank you for all of your creative suggestions!

* Willie is actually named after The Goonies “One Eyed Willie.” The pirate who’s treasure they are searching for. I know we are dorks but we do love our 80’s movies!

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SPCA of texas: Wagging my own tail

I must take this opportunity to wag my own tail and toot my own horn …just a little bit! I was super excited to find out that I have been chosen as the SPCA of Texas Volunteer of the Month. I was asked to write a short paragraph as to why I choose to volunteer at the SPCA and that really got me thinking about my time spent at the shelter. I started looking back through all of the photos of shelter animals that I’ve taken, and began remembering each animal. I couldn’t believe how many cats, dogs, and rabbits I had met while volunteering – I was surprised to find out that I have photographed over 850 shelter animals to date here in Dallas. As I went through the old photos I started picking out a couple of my favorites and decided to put together a little tribute to all the shelter animals. It brings me such happiness to know that each of these critters has found their forever, loving home.

I want to share with you the paragraph that was sent out in the SPCA newsletter that I feel really sums up my response to the question: Why do you choose to volunteer at animal shelters?

Hello, I’m Allison – a Dallas based pet photographer. I absolutely love what I do for a living and am so lucky to be given the opportunity to capture the spirit and personality of so many different animals. I volunteer at the SPCA because it brings such joy to me knowing that I might have had a hand in finding an animal their forever home. Pets, no matter how big or small, are always ready to give you their unconditional love, loyalty, and trust. It is only fair that we give them our unconditional love in return. I am committed to helping shelter animals in any way possible – after all they are the best of the best, and most of the time love you even more because they know they have been given a second chance at life. I adore my rescue dog – a one eyed blue heeler mutt, who is the most handsome dog in Texas… it’s true! I even named my business after him: Blue Mutt Photography – he is definitely living the life he deserved to have. Since starting at the SPCA of Texas I have photographed over 850 animals is hopes of helping them along their journey. Believe me it has been hard to not take them all home with me, but I have loved every minute of it!

On a side note: this article went out just a few days before we adopted Layla, so that is why she is not mentioned in my bio. However, I have big plans for Layla’s involvement in my business – don’t you worry. Willie isn’t the only one who will hold sole naming rights to my business. I’ll keep you posted and an update on Layla is coming soon!

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