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Beautiful Colt

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a family of five with 3 gorgeous girls. We spent a portion of the shoot at their family’s ranch. I was lucky enough to sneak aside and take some photos of their horses! We even took some photos of the girls with them, it reminded me of my own childhood growing up on a ranch. See my about page, be sure to scroll down to the photo at the bottom! One of the colts was extremely interested in my camera and I was able to get some great shots of him. He has a heart shaped marking on his mouth which made it look like he was ready to give a huge smooch.

I also got to meet the colt’s father, he’s on the right…notice any resemblance?? He loves to eat apples!

The girl’s cousin was so excited to feed the horse his apples :)

Baby horses always have more whiskers than usual, but begin to loose them as they grow – too cute. And check out those looooong legs!

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All the Beautiful Horses

I have got to be one of the luckiest girls in Texas! I was given the opportunity to go photograph five beautiful horses: CJ – the beautiful white horse (formally called a Gray), Samantha – the salt & pepper horse known as a Blue Roan, Mud Pie – the all black beauty, Promises – the loving reddish-brown horse (called a Sorrel) who has the white star-stripe on her forehead, & Secret – another Sorrel and Promises’ daughter! Horses are such beautiful and strong animals – yet at the same time just as sweet as can be. My new favorite thing is a horse’s muzzle (nose, mouth, chin). It is so soft and the whiskers on the chin are to die for! The owner of the horses was an incredible host, she taught me all about the different types of horses and also had each one put on a show for me. They were all perfectly trained.

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