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baby judah

Meet beautiful baby Judah, only 2 weeks old and ready for his first photo shoot. He is such a sweet baby and his parents couldn’t be better people if they tried. I just love this family so much. I was lucky enough to meet Judah’s mom, Amy, at my first architecture job here in Dallas. We became fast friends and now I am honored to photograph her new baby. I am excited to see Judah grow and Amy become an amazing mom. Congratulations!

And the proud papa – Kris.

These are two of my favorite photos from the shoot! I love his little tootsies and the photo of their little family is perfect.

I snapped this photo on the left before the session started. I was working on the lighting and noticed his little chin and pouty lips and just couldn’t resist 😉

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I was lucky enough to go to Indianapolis recently to visit family!  Harper is my youngest niece and is growing SO fast! This was her just one year ago.

Now she is on the move – seriously, good luck getting this beautiful girl to sit still for a photo. Harper can be a little shy when you first meet her, but once she’s over that – she is ready to show you her dance moves and huge smile! I just love her little personality :) She is so happy and on the go, go, go!

I also love her adorable little dress – just too cute. It is a Matilda Jane. A creative new take on children’s clothing made by a young woman just like you and me. Check out her site – it is uber cool, and super sweet.

Girls love their shoes – wish I could pull these off.

I was able to catch a photo of Harper’s older brother, Cameron, on his way to the neighborhood pool. Can you tell they are brother and sister??

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Little Will

Little Will has got to be one of the sweetest babies in Dallas. It was such a delight to photograph him and his new parents. I was lucky enough to meet Will’s parents shortly after moving to Dallas 5 years ago, which made this newborn session that much more special. I am so excited to see this little one grow and change, and I hope to keep on photographing him :)  Of course there are a million photos that I love and want to share so I had to split them into two posts. Commence Cooing… … now!

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Beautiful Ansley

My niece and I recently got to go on another “adventure” together – which is code for a photo shoot with me! Ansley is 2.5 years old and just too cute for words, really – I mean it. One of her all time favorite things to do is sssswwwwwiiiinnggg! This girl loves to swing and recently she has started swinging with her eyes closed, which make my stomach turn just watching her – when did I get so old? I love the lighting in the photos – we started out very early in the morning, while the sun was still very low in the sky. You can see in some of the photos I was playing with getting the sunlight in her hair. I just love how carefree children are and I love being able to capture that through photography – Enjoy!

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Cameron and Ben

Cameron + Ben = Cuteness!

I had so much fun getting to know and playing with, I mean photographing these two sweetie pies! Even though they are brother and sister they still had very different personalities. Cameron was a little shy at first and had to be brought out of her shell. While her brother, Ben, was ready to GO – jumping, laughing, and being silly. We did the photo session at their grandmother’s brand new house, huge windows and tons of natural light. The best part was the windows didn’t have blinds or curtains on them yet! One tip for indoor photography: if the window has blinds, pull them all the way up (don’t just open the slats). You would not believe how much more light it lets in. It might not be perceptible to our eyes, but the camera knows… smart, smart camera   :)

hope you enjoy these photos and the silliness! I am loving adding child photography to my business here in Dallas!

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