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SPCA of Texas Love Bugs

These little love bugs at the SPCA of Texas need a home. The kitty above is Miranda, she’s a little shy – but very sweet. I actually had my camera on the wrong setting when I snapped this photo, but I love how it turned out. Below is Boomer and he has the best ears I’ve ever seen on a dog! The first photo is “normal” boomer, ready for his glamour shot. In the second photo I made a noise and his ears went wild – straight out into the air. I about lost it which made Boomer very excited. He is only two years old and needs a loving home that will take care of him and get him a little exercise (but don’t tell him that) 😉

There are tons of lovable animals at the SPCA of Texas who are in need of a home – Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat and be loved for life!

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SPCA – shelter dogs

Today at the SPCA of Texas here in Dallas was all smiles! Big ones too. I mean really, really, big ones. This first guy had the goofiest faces – almost like he was hamming it up for me. Just love it! Enjoy and adopt a dog today 😉

And don’t forget about the cats – they smile with their tails!

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My SPCA Friends

The weather here in Dallas is really starting to feel like Spring. Beautiful blue skies always make me happy. I spent some extra time with my friends at the SPCA this week – there were some real characters! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

This little guy looooovvvvveeed his tennis ball, it is too big for him to carry it around in his mouth so he runs around holding it by the fuzz. See the fuzz on his chin!

This little puppy’s name is Jenson, can you believe those ears, and the one blue eye! And the love bug on the right was all smiles – too funny!

Dog?? Horse?? Dog?? Love it!!

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Shelter Dogs

It never ceases to amaze me how any dog in any situation still greets you with a smile and a wag. I really do think that everyone should have a pet of their own. It is a proven fact that owning any kind of pet can reduce stress: check out this article on I love my Thursday mornings spent at the SPCA of Texas as their “unofficial” pet photographer :)

Meet Marly and Pogo

SPCA 1-21-10 _02

Cleo – just couldn’t resist this photo of the way she was sitting! And Lancelot (who has the softest ears ever!)

SPCA 1-21-10 _01

Cleo & Pogo – or should I say super dog!

SPCA 1-21-10 _03

Snookie & Milo

SPCA 1-21-10 _04

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SPCA Shelter Pups – all smiles!

Things are back on track after the holidays and the dogs at The SPCA of Texas are ready for their new home. I spent the morning at the shelter playing with all of them.

Meet Eva and Abbey! These two sister’s are from the same house and are too sweet. Eva is more of a goofball, while Abbey just watched us run around. I like how they both look like they are wearing eye-liner!

SPCA 1-14_03SPCA 1-14_04

On the left is JoJo, she is an Australian Kelpie mix, which means she is super smart. And Germany, a shepherd mix, on the right just wanted to run circles around me!

SPCA 1-14_02

This St. Bernard is just a huge love-bug, ready for hugs and big, BIG kisses. I just couldn’t believe these little legs were holding him up!

SPCA 1-14_05

SPCA 1-14

And last but certainly not least is this little girl – she was hysterical! First she was a little unsure about my camera, but once she realized it wasn’t going to hurt her she started hamming it up big time. I spent a little extra time with her because (1) she kept making me laugh, and (2) I think she needed some extra play time!

SPCA 1-14_06SPCA 1-14_08

SPCA 1-14_07SPCA 1-14_09

Just too much fun, I love my job as a pet photographer! Dogs are always happy and have so much love to give it is just amazing. Everyone needs a love-bug of their own :) Adopt a dog today!

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