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snow day!

Make that three ice days and one snow day to top it all off! Yes I know the entire country is covered in ice and snow but it becomes a holiday/celebration type ordeal when it happens in Texas. Plus my dogs LOVE the snow. They can’t get enough of it and I can’t seem to understand how their toes and tummies don’t freeze, but then again I’m not a dog… I caught Layla (on the left) and Mr. Blue Mutt in action this morning here in the Dallas snow. Hope everyone is staying warm and having fun this winter 2011!!

Check out last years snow photos (back when Willie was an only child)

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1000 degrees, a tripod, and a toe!

I must take a moment to celebrate the possible end of the Dallas heat wave. We have hit 100 degree plus temperatures for the past 23 out of 24 days! (18 days straight at the end). With yesterday being the last day of the heat wave, the sun decided to end the streak with a bang, hitting a record 107 degrees! Holy cow – it is hot! As my husband so eloquently puts it: “we are living on the surface of the sun!” I do agree, and so do our dogs. When I ask Willie and Layla if they want to go outside they pretty much go and hide from me. So sayonara to this crazy heat! Bring on the crisp fall and football season!

As for the last two parts of this post title – I’m sure you are wondering what those two thing could possibly have in common. My tripod, which is pretty much an antique as it was handed down to me from my mom and is made of extremely heavy metal, decided to take a nose dive and land smack dab on my poor little pinkie toe. I humbly admit that I cried like a little baby. I decided to go get an x-ray just to be safe (ask me about the time I broke my thumb and didn’t get an x-ray.) And my poor little toe is definitely broken. There really isn’t much one can do about a little broken toe – it’s mostly just annoying :( ย  So I am pretty mad at my tripod right now, it has been sent to its room (the hall closet)!

So, instead of posting a photo of my little blue toe I have decided to spare you and post some photos of Willie trying to avoid the heat…. He is just so handsome!

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Good Morning Texas!

This morning Blue Mutt Photography was featured on Good Morning Texas & I couldn’t be more excited! I was invited to be on GMT to share some tips on how everyone can get a great photo of their own pet. Everything went great. Willie acted as my demonstration dog and he was amazing… so was my hubby (my official handler).

All of the cameras and lights were a little overwhelming, but the people at the show were amazing and made everything seem like a breeze. Everyone treated Willie like a king so he was a happy camper. Of course Brad and I came racing home after the show to watch the recording. Hopefully I will have the video up on my blog soon! If you want to see it now just click here: Picture Perfect Pet Photography

While I was on set, waiting for everything to get going I started snapping some photos! Why not?? So here are some of the behind the scenes. We took a quick group photo before going on air. That is one of the hosts: Rob McCollum. He did an incredible job interviewing me and keeping me on track!

Trista, the original bachelorette, and star of the day was on just seconds before me. She is actually doing her interview in this photo! We were already set up and ready to go next…

Here are some photos of my super awesome “official” animal handler… my husband Brad. He did a great job of keeping Willie calm and focused. Of course I filled his jeans pocket up with treats so I’m sure that helped a little. Thank you Brad for all you do!

Trista even had some fans outside…. Maybe next time Willie will have a few ๐Ÿ˜‰

These are some of the shots that I actually captured during the segment. Willie did so well – I have already promised him a ton of Frosty Paws. The lighting in the room was amazing! Can you see that huge clock/timer behind him. I was on air for about 5 minutes but it felt like 30 seconds. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

What a whirlwind! I love being a pet photographer, I really do! Thank you to everyone at wfaa in Dallas and channel 8!

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tail wag and a middle name

Layla has come miles from that shy little puppy we adopted a few weeks ago. Her best friend in the entire world is her big brother Willie, who has shown Layla the ropes around here. In fact she follows him everywhere, sleeps when he sleeps, plays when he plays, and eats when he eats. Their favorite game right now is tug-of-war! Willie is such a sweet boy because he even let’s Layla win every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have also decided on a middle name for our little girl. Drum roll please…….. Layla Ruth Cameron. Why Ruth? Well the best response for her middle name I received on the postย Little Layla was actually: Chocolate Caramel Brownie! Which made me laugh pretty hard :) Of course we couldn’t really name her that – but I do agree that she looks like chocolate and caramel. So to stay with the theme of Goonies*, we chose Baby Ruth (the star candy bar in the movie). Thank you for all of your creative suggestions!

* Willie is actually named after The Goonies “One Eyed Willie.” The pirate who’s treasure they are searching for. I know we are dorks but we do love our 80’s movies!

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Things have been a little…

…crazy around here the past week or so. Almost comical really. It all started with me getting sick last Wednesday – not on my list of things to do! I’ve been sleeping on the couch so that I don’t have to take care of a sick husband, which in my book can sometimes be worse than just being sick myself. Yes my husband is a bit of a baby… but I do love him! We are also dog sitting for a friend while he’s on vacation. The dog’s name is Buster and he is about the sweetest dog in the entire world, he’s a leaner and always wants to be right with you. Only one problem… Buster is afraid of our hardwood floors – which is the entire house! So we have to carry him from area rug to area rug of whatever room we are in or else he will stand at the very edge of the rug and whine. It is pretty hysterical, he’s been getting a little braver and venturing out some on his own. But he can’t make a b-line for where he wants to go exactly, he has to stop at each rug on the way and gather up his nerves again. Buster just loves Willie and does whatever Willie does.

Monday, Willie came in from some time outside and immediatley laid down and started licking his paw – not normal behavior for Willie. So I went to take a look and saw it was bleeding a little and Willie was whimpering. I looked and looked for a sticker burr or a splinter from the deck – but there was nothing. He wouldn’t put any weight on it at all. Within 5 minutes his foot had doubled in size and I was on my way to the vet! Willie was given some medicine directly into his blood stream along with some other shots and a big rinse of his paw. They kept him there for 2 hours to watch him and soak his paw in salt water. We aren’t really sure what happened – worst case senerio would be a snake bite, best case would be a wasp or bee sting. Whatever it was, Willie was having a bad reaction to it. After 2 hours Willie was ready to go home, he looked much better – he was putting weight on his foot but it was still swollen even up to his elbow. The vet said that since it had stopped swelling and he was putting weight on it so soon, it most likely wasn’t a snake bite – THANK GOODNESS!!

As of now Willie’s foot is completely back to normal, except for the patch of hair I shaved off while trying to look for bite marks… don’t tell Brad I used his electric razor ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll leave you with an adorable photo of good things to come! Meet Sadie – the aussie puppy that will melt any heart!

Coming Up: More photos of Sadie, 2 Cocker Spaniels – Bailey & Jake, 2 black labs – Duchess & Painted Lady, and a BABY boy – Little Will

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