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I had the privilege to shoot Scarlett and her mom on the coldest day of the year here in Dallas! Scarlett is a fellow rescue dog and I’m pretty sure she and my pup have some of the same family members. She was so excited to go to the park and even tried to “make friends” with a few squirrels. Her ears are the best – one stands a little higher than the other – super cute. ┬áThis is supposed to be a surprise for Scarlett’s dad, so please try to keep it a secret…..

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Laddie the Aggie

Hello everyone, welcome back from the Thanksgiving Holidays! I thought everyone could use a new post to brighten up your Monday back at work.

Meet Laddie – he’s a Sheltie and on top of that a sweetheart! He is such a beautiful dog with his fluffy hair and very expressive eyes. Everyone in his family went to Texas A&M so I know he’s an Aggie! We did the photo session right in his own home and backyard, he’ll show you his secret at the end of the this post…

Look at this face…can you tell what he’s thinking?

Yep. Ready for a quick sip of water from the backyard bird fountain…

It’s okay Laddie – I won’t tell your mom and dad!

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Chewy & LuLu

It has been so crazy with the holidays fast arriving. Things are going great! I finished up designing some photobooks for clients and had a chance to meet these two cuties: Chewy & Lulu. They were a hoot! They almost look identical but if you look closely Lulu’s eyelashes are little bit longer and she sometimes has a hard time keeping that tongue in place. Hysterical!

Here are a couple of great shots!

These next two were too funny to pass up…

Okay – back to more serious things….ya, right! I love my job.

And lights out….these two did a great job and were ready for some water and a long, long nap! Thank you Chewy & Lulu!

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Willie’s Birthday Gift

I have had my eye on a certain camera lens that I would love to have and have been saving up for. For my birthday I asked for money towards the lens so that I can get closer to my goal…almost there. Thank you to everyone who has made birthday contributions!

Last night my husband took me out for my birthday to one of our favorite restaurants. A small little Italian place…yum! Before our meal came he put a card in front of me…he said that Willie asked him to bring it to dinner…

I thought I would share with you what Willie gave me on my birthday!

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I’m so excited…Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me. For my birthday I thought I would post some pictures of Willie, Blue Mutt Photography’s Mascot! Isn’t he handsome. He’s sad because he can’t go out with us for my birthday, but he’s given me plenty of kisses today. Looks like it’s about time for a new soccer ball. He gets a new one every year for Christmas. Which by the way is right around the corner!

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