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Scout’s Forgotten Pictures

I just realized that I left out two of scout’s pictures in the post below. So I decided I had to post them, they are too cute to pass up!

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Scout & Lillie

Here are a few more of Scout & Lillie’s pictures. We did the photo session right in their own backyard, so they were super comfortable and ready to play. These two girls are the sweetest and are very well mannered…way to go mom & dad :)

Lillie’s owner told me that one of his favorite things about lilly was her curly hair behind her ears. I was so excited I got this picture.


these girls love their tennis ball!

I absolutely love my job as a pet photographer!

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Quick Look

I just finished a photo shoot with two beautiful girls, Scout & Lillie. They had so much energy and were so excited to see me. Their little tails were wagging so fast they were a blur.

I wanted to give you guys a peak of their photos…I will post the rest soon! Here’s is Scout, she is so sweet and has the most expressive eyes.

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Bailey & Gus Outside

I finally got to do an outdoor session with Bailey and her new little brother, Gus, a Boykin Spaniel puppy. He is too cute and so floppy. Gus was named after Hurricane Gustav that came into the Gulf the weekend he was brought home to Dallas. Gus got a couple good licks on my camera lens…thank goodness for filters! These two wore me out playing and playing. They are almost the same size right now, but in no time at all Gus will be twice the size of Bailey.

Gus Has the most beautiful blue-green eyes.

By the end of the day Gus was ready for bed…

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WOW…A Russian Blue on Blue Mutt

Have you guys ever pet a Russian Blue cat? They are so soft and so fine…they are beautiful. Meet Neassie (pronounced: Knee-see), a Russian Blue Mix who was rescued from an animal shelter in Georgia – but now happily lives here in Texas.

I didn’t know much about Russian Blue’s so I decided to do a little research. From what I’ve found it seems these cats are very gentle, affectionate, and easily recognizable from other breeds. The most outstanding feature is it’s dense, even coat. The coat is a deep blue color and it looks like each hair has been dipped in silver. This is where they get their silvery sheen. Another characteristic of a Russian Blue are the large, rounded, wide-set eyes that are vivid green. So beautiful against the silvery coat.

If you ever meet a Russian Blue be sure to pet them. Neassie was so sweet and purred through the entire photo shoot!

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