Monthly Archives: October 2008

Willie goes to the vet

Today Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, had to go have hisĀ annual check-up at the vet’s office. He did so good! I wish the vet gave out lolly-pops or dogs ate ice cream because willie would probably have gotten both. Good job Willie! Here he is giving me his best “love me for being so good” face.

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Dinner with bailey

Recently my husband and I went to a dinner party at our friend’s house. Dinner was amazing and they just happen to have a little yorki-poo. I was so excited that I brought my camera. I spent most of the evening crawling around on the floor taking pictures of little Miss Bailey, she is so cute and so sweet.

Here is a sweet picture of Baily and her mom

Bailey getting ready for her close-up

I can’t wait to photograph Bailey outside!

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Hello everyone! I did it…I have a blog. I am still working on my logo and everything that goes along with that but I had to start posting right away. So much has been going on – life is crazy, and I am loving every minute of it!! I will have to break it all up into lots of posts so I can get everything up here. I have so many pictures I want to share and can’t wait. I know that all of the moms and dads are ready to see their pet’s pictures as well. I better get to posting…

Here’s a sweet picture of the blue mutt himself…Willie

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