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Texas Winter

Last night Texas had an ice storm, so I thought I would go out and capture what a Texas winter wonderland looks like. And, yes, school was cancelled… but in Texas’ defense, I didn’t venture out to take pictures until well into the afternoon. Enjoy! 

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Willie’s Puppy Face

Who could ever say no to this puppy face? Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, is the best dog ever! I might be a little biased, though…

I love my job as a pet photographer because this is my co-worker!

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Maggie & Dixie

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and these two pups are on top of it! They are planning a big surprise (along with their mom’s help) for their dad. Such a cute idea, love it. These two ladies were so much fun and couldn’t have had two more different personalities. Dixie is a Pointer who loves to play with her tennis ball and she is super fast and always happy. Maggie is a sweet Redbone Coonhound, she prefers to howl rather than play ball – but she gives you the best puppy faces ever! 

Maggie’s nose on the left, Dixie’s on the right.

I love the below right photo – It says it all. Dixie is about to catch the ball, while Maggie cheers her on with a howl.

Maggie is such a teddy bear!

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Day Around Dallas

I spent most of the day yesterday visiting local pet businesses here in Dallas. I never knew how many great dog spots Dallas had to offer. Here is a list of the places I visited and dropped off my new post cards. Stop by and pick one up. If you know of a great Dallas Pet Business let me know so I can go check it out!

East Lake Veterinary Hospital

Dee’s Doggie Den

Dirty Dawgz

Camp Bow Wow

City Pet Supply

Lucky Dog Barkery

Park Cities Pet Salon

Perky Poodle Grooming

Look for my new Blue Mutt Photography card!

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Lucia & Sam

Lucia and Sam are two of the most adorable chihuahua mixes I have ever seen! I had so much fun photographing these dogs right in their own home. Lucia is the pretty little brown and black lady.  You would never know it, but Lucia is about 10 years old and still has loads of energy – definitely the more rambunctious of the two. And sweet Sam is an 8 year old fluffy white and grey little boy that will just melt your heart – a little more reserved, but clearly Lucia’s best friend and partner in crime. Both pups are rescue dogs and have found such a wonderful home. One thing I ask every owner before a photo shoot is: If you could describe your pet’s personality with one color,  what would it be. Their mom answered: Lucia – Red (and she was pretty fiery) & Sam – Baby Blue (and he was calm and collected) – Mom couldn’t have been more correct!

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