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Valentine’s Day Dog Party

Yes, you heard me right! A Valentine’s Day party for the pups. What a hoot! I had the best time photographing all the mayhem. Who was on the guest list you ask? Tanzen – the sweetheart host, a Black and Tan Coonhound Mix. Buster – the little cattle dog/terrier/darn cute mutt. Libby – the beautiful yellow (almost white) lab. Kaiser – the irresistible Golden Retriever who loves to lean on anyone near. Hank – the tall, skinny, fun loving mystery hound. Charlie – the oh so handsome Rottweiler. And 4, yes 4, wonderful weenie dogs – Spider, Shadow, Monkey, & Cherokee

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Blue Mutt’s day at Camp Bow Wow

Mr. Blue Mutt loves the days when he gets to attend his favorite doggie daycare, Camp Bow Wow. I also love Camp Bow Wow because they take such great care of Willie when we’re out of town or whenever he’s too frisky and we’re too busy!  Well, the folks at CBW wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day and they wanted to support one of their favorite charities, Animal Rescue of Texas (ART), and I was lucky enough to have been a part of it.  They asked me to take some Valentine’s Day photos for their clients, the proceeds of which went towards the charity. It was so much fun to meet so many new dogs (Willie’s playmates, I’m sure!).  There were dogs in all shapes and sizes and different personalities abound – some loved the camera, some, well, not so much. But we had a great time and the owners of these furry friends got to go home with a memory of this years Valentine’s day and help out a good cause!

I’ve picked out a couple photos to share with you guys!

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Love is in the Air


Valentine’s day is almost here. I better go get a card for my husband and have willie write something in it. See birthday gift, Willie (Mr. Blue Mutt) really loves to write! 

I thought that in honor of Valentine’s I would post some of my favorite black & white photographs. There is always something classic and romantic about black & white images. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to get your sweetie a V-day card from the dog/cat!

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Park Cities Quail Unlimited

I am looking for you vote. Park Cities Quail Unlimited is one of the many hunting associations here in Texas. I was so excited when they contacted me for their banquet this spring. I am donating a photo session to their silent auction. I had just finished my photo shoot with Dixie (who is a bird dog), and I wanted to get some more “hunting” type photos. Dixie’s mom was happy to help. We packed up and went to a nearby field that also has the Dallas skyline in the background. The photo chosen will be displayed at the banquet! Place your vote soon!

1, 2…

 …or 3

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What happens next?

I love getting home from a photo shoot and looking at the photos right away. There are many reasons I must do this: excitement, impatience, too much diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite)… But there is one thing that always makes me laugh. Most of the time I am shooting, I leave my camera on burst mode. That means that if I hold my finger down on the shutter button, my camera will take consecutive pictures. In return if a dog is going to do something silly or funny I can usual catch him/her in the act. This time it was Maggie… see below

Thinking about it…

Going for it…


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