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Messieur Teddy

All poodles are French… right? I fell in love with this little guy. And he loved his mom – he would do anything she said. Something I have never seen before: she trained Teddy that if they were in the front yard and she said “car” – teddy would freeze, sit down and wait for the car to pass by. Pretty smart little guy! Blue Mutt made a special trip down to Houston for this photo shoot. The day started with rain but by the time I got there the sky was one of the bluest I’ve seen in a while. Such a beautiful day! Such a sweet little boy!

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Kitten Pile-Up

Too cute for words…

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More Nena & Pepe

I wanted to share more photos from my session with Nena & Pepe. Now, I am generally not the “dress up your dog” type… but this was for a good cause – A wedding! These pup’s parents are getting married soon in Puerto Rico. They really wanted Nena & Pepe to be a part of their big day, so we took some great photographs of them to incorporate into their wedding details.  I couldn’t pass this up because I know how important it is! Great minds think alike: Mr. Blue Mutt

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Sneak Peak: Nena & Pepe

I had so much fun photographing these two at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Nena & Pepe are two beautiful dogs with personalities of their own. They have the typical “big sister” – “little brother” relationship. Love it! I spent most of the day rolling around in the grass with them. I have the best job ever as a pet pet photographer! Here is a quick sneak peak.

Nena: “Big Sister”

Pepe: “Little Brother”

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Laguna My Love

I’ve been dying to post photos from my photo shoot with beautiful Laguna – but we were part of a covert mission for a surprise gift. A wedding gift! But now since the knot has been tied, and the cat’s out of the bag :) I can finally share Laguna with you.

Miss Laguna is a 4 year old black lab who loves life. Happy to meet everyone. Greeting me with hugs and kisses she won my heart over pretty fast!

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