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Harry & Coco

Have you ever come across a puppy who just melts your heart? Well I found two of them.  Meet Harry & Coco – both were rescue dogs and couldn’t have been rescued by a better, more caring mom. Harry & Coco’s mom is devoted to helping every last shelter dog she can. She loves these two so much, it made it that much more of a delight to photograph them for her. Harry is part Chinese Crested and a lot of mutt (which is the best kind of dog in my book!). He has quite a story: he was found on a construction site, and was so stressed out by the noise, that he had lost all of his hair.  He’s come a long way since those days! His sister, Coco, is part chihuahua and part terrier  so she’s been nicknamed Coco”nut” (I’m sure many terrier and Chihuahua owners would agree that they can get a little nutty sometimes) Love it!

Oh, and if you happen to know Harry & Coco’s soon to be dad… mums the word, it’s a surprise!

Harry & Coco have such expressive faces… not to mention eyebrows and lashes that go on for days!

By the end of the photo shoot it was lights out for little Harry… I think Coco could have kept going for days – so much energy and love to give. Both just too sweet for words!

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Dallas Dog Life

Ever trying to find something for you and your pooch to do in Dallas? Need any Vet tips? Looking for some canine events? Wondering what you can do to help dog’s in need? Then you have got to check out Dallas Dog Life, the leading source for Dallas-area dog lovers. The owner, Yvonne, is an incredible source of information and loves dogs just as much as you do… I know – hard to imagine.

I am so honored that she decided to do a Featured Review on Blue Mutt Photography. Check out my review along with everything Dallas Dog Life has to offer.

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas

The gallery wrapped canvases have arrived in Dallas and they are everything I could have hoped for and MORE! I love, love, love them – everyone needs one of these in their home. I took a ton of photos to share with all of you. Mr. Blue Mutt even posed for me beside his very own canvas.

Can you believe this photo? It’s a close up of the canvas so you can see the texture from the material. But what I love about it is you can see the reflection of me in Willie’s eye – that reflection is form the original photograph. The quality and detail of the canvas is incredible!

I also delivered the surprise canvas to Laguna’s mom and she almost started crying… She thanked me over and over and told me that this photograph was the perfect representation of Laguna: the color pink, Laguna’s love for tennis balls, a little bit of slobber, and her big paws. She said she would cherish it forever. I was so excited they chose this photograph for the gallery wrapped canvas!

By the end of my photo shoot with the canvases Willie had fallen asleep… see the little toy between his arms, that’s Wilbur (his best friend) and I think that is probably Wilbur #9. Oh, and in case you might be thinking Mr. Blue Mutt looks a little more scrappy than usual… he just got his summer hair cut and he has a scrape above his “good eye” – but we still love him more than ever, and he is still oh so handsome!

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Can’t Wait!

Okay – the FedEx guy driving through my area might want to be careful, because I might tackle him when I see him! Out of joy and excitement that is! I am getting my first gallery wrapped canvases delivered today and I can hardly wait. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all I can say about them because it is a huge surprise for one of my clients… But I did order one just for me as well – my all time photo of Mr. Blue Mutt himself, Willie! I will be sure to post photos of the canvases as soon as I get them.

And Mr. FedEx man – I’m sorry if I lay a big wet one on your cheek, I might not be able to stop myself!

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My SPCA Loves

I just had to share these photos I captured the other morning at the animal shelter! These three are some of the sweetest dogs around – currently living in Dallas at the SPCA of Texas. If you are in need of a snuggle you’ve hit the jackpot here.

Heidi – she just wanted to curl up in my lap right then and there. She also loved the tall, cool grass on her tummy…

The little guy on the left is Rowdy – and believe me he is true to his name but has the best smile! On the left is Topanga the Great Pyrenees – only a puppy at 3 months old. Doesn’t that face just melt your heart?

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