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Best. Ears. Ever.

This little girls name is Lola, and she has the best set of ears I’ve ever come across! I met her at the SPCA this morning and she sure did brighten my day. I think she is trying to balance out her ears with her tongue.

And this little lady is sugar – she was doing her own thing this morning so I got this great silhouette shot. She’s a sweetie!

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Swing’n Silly

Blue Mutt is excited to announce that we will be branching out into children and family photography. Keeping in the same candid style – capturing the moments of your little one’s childhood. Stay tuned for more announcements and the launch of my new website! 

Oh, and for all you dog lovers out there, just like me, I plan to focus just as much attention on the little furry ones as well!

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SPCA Thursday… Hot!

Today is SPCA Thursday :) One of my favorite days. However, today it is officially hot. We are up to about 98 or 100 degrees here in Dallas. No complaining from these adoptable furry friends at the shelter, they were ready for their close-up.

First up meet Weavel and Harry. Weavel needs a little work on the leash, he only has two speeds: sprint and stop! Good thing he’s so tiny. And Mr. Harry on the left is just as cute as he can be with some of the softest fur in town.

On the right is Squatty – not sure why she’s named that… maybe she was shorter than all of her brothers and sisters. I feel in love with her big brown eyes, what a sweet face. And on the right is Goldie, I can tell she will be someone’s loyal puppy till the end – she would just sit there and look at me while I talked to her, and she loves a good ear rub!

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Summer Bath

In Mr. Blue Mutt’s mind, summer bath time has got to be just about the best thing around. We spend at least 20 minutes soaking him down while he chases the water and tries to eat it or catch it. He loves every minute of it. Then we suds him up as fast as possible and let him loose again, only to play in the water until all the soap is gone. I was lucky enough to have my husband do all the work while I took some photographs.


By the way – don’t tell Willie he’s actually getting a bath… Just makes me smile :) Hope it brightens your day!

And no bath would be complete without a good shake…

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today is SPCA Thursday, but it poured here in Dallas all night and all morning. So all the puppies were very sad to find out that they couldn’t go out into the thunderstorm to play. Willie was also sad, so he decided to go back to bed – great sleeping weather!

I spent my morning inside, photographing some cats in need of a good home. They were so sweet, most of them started purring when I opened the door to their kennel, ready to get a good rub down!

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