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Boomer just might be one of the sweetest dogs in Dallas. A gentleman thru and thru. He didn’t always have such a wonderful life but his luck changed when his mom decided to adopt him from a Dallas animal shelter. I would definitely classify him as a momma’s boy (in the most loving sense) – he couldn’t stand for her to be out of sight. And soon – Boomer will be getting a Dad who dotes on him just as much!

Boomer’s sweet personality only reminded me how much I love being a pet photographer here in Dallas… I love my “job!”

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Little Pups, Big Hearts!

If you live here in Dallas you might have heard about the Faulkner County Puppy Mill that was raided a few weeks ago. They have finally made their way to the SPCA – ready for adoption and looking for a forever, loving, warm home. I was lucky enough to meet a large amount of these little guys. For some of them it was their first time in grass – some of them acted like it tickled their tummy, some laid flat in it, some even started rolling around in it. But there were also a few who we couldn’t even put down, they clung to us giving hugs and nuzzling our necks. I am so excited for these guys to start their new lives!

Meet Diesel &Nora

This is Silver & Dodge

Little Bubba & Cathy

Meet Moon (who looks like she’s wearing pig-tails) & Chix

These two are Kayla & Kiley

These are just a few of the pups ready for homes! Many more are waiting at the SPCA of Texas

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Gentle Giants

Meet Kingsley and LoraLei, two of the most beautiful and gentle giants I’ve ever been around. My first photo shoot with Great Pyrenees. Kingsley is the older brother who is outgoing and silly, while his little sister LoraLei is a little more reserved and loves her big brother – always following his lead. My mission for this family was to get a great shot of the two of them together for their human brother to take off to college with him… all the way from Dallas to Pennsylvania!

LoraLei is on the left and Kingsley on the right.

Who needs a water bowl?? Not this guys… Kingsley is a big fan of the pool while LoraLei prefers to hang out on the side and watch her big brother.

On the right – I was able to capture Kingsley at the very end of his shake… what a hunk!

After all of the beautiful posing and a quick dip in the pool it was lights out for these guys!

These guys couldn’t have made my job as a pet photographer be any easier!! They were the best. Thank you Kingsley and LoraLei!

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Luckiest Aunt in The World!

I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure I am one of the luckiest aunt’s in the entire world. Ansley is almost two and Wesley will be four in October. I went to visit them before the summer season was over because they told me they wanted to show me how they can swim… and swim we did – about 2 times a day! They love to swim and eat popsicles in the pool. Wesley even swims underwater, he looks a lot like a frog! And Ansley is so brave she jumps right into the deep end without even blinking… not without her fashionable floaties that is.

Here they are patiently waiting for their popsicles.

Here is Ansley preparing to jump in… just too cute!

On the next trip we are planning to see if Mr. Blue Mutt would like to swim… we know he likes his summer baths, and baby pools! I’ll keep you posted!

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Henry & Winnie

These two pups and their parents came all the way up from Houston to have their fun-filled photo shoot – and visit family 😉 We met over in Fort Worth at Trinity park – a beautiful area. These two little ones were full of character. Winnie the black and tan dachshund is the boss of the two, she’s the older sister and makes sure Henry, the chocolate and tan pup, remains on his best behavior. Henry adores her… and does everything she does. Just too precious.

Both Henry & Winnie love to be held held, they also like to drop their heads back and look at the world upside down. It was hysterical! I was so glad I was able to capture both of them preforming their trick.

And it wouldn’t be a Dachshund photo shoot without a flipped ear or two!

We had so much fun playing – I’m sure these two slept the entire way home to Houston.

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