Monthly Archives: September 2009

SPCA Thursday

The SPCA was full of new faces today – I had so much fun photographing all the pups outside. It is finally starting to cool down here in Dallas :)

I fell in love with this little guys ears – I think they are a little confused. His name is Carlos.

Hercules is a gentle giant looking for a new home. He is so sweet, a leaner I would say – always wanted to be next to me.

This smiley girl is Shasta – she sure does know how to ham it up for a the camera!

Meet Blaze – he was all about his tennis ball – just needs someone to throw it for him.

Next to Blaze’s run was Grace – and it’s a good thing she has that name because she was in the air more than on the ground… However, she was a little camera shy.

This little love bug is Nanni and she loves to play fetch!

As always you can meet these guys and more at the SPCA of Texas in Dallas

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