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Walk, Wag, Run!!

This past Saturday I was invited to be the official dog photographer for the yearly event: Walk, Wag, and Run. What an incredible event! 5k and 10k races, dog agility walk, pet adoptions, costume contests, and so much more. The event is organized by the Lakewood Service League – and they did an amazing job! To see all of the photos from Saturday’s event go to The Walk, Wag and Run Photo Gallery. There you can purchase prints of your adorable pooches!

Not only were there 100’s of people but also 100’s of dogs in all shapes and sizes!

From BIG to small…

Walk-Wag-Run 01

From thick to thin…

Walk-Wag-Run 02

From smooth to shaggy…

Walk-Wag-Run 03

From babies on up to all ages…

Walk-Wag-Run 04

From brown eyes to blue…

Walk-Wag-Run 05

From serious to silly…

Walk-Wag-Run 06_1

And just plain cute!

Walk-Wag-Run 07

To see all of the photos from Saturday’s event go to The Walk, Wag, and Run Gallery. There you can purchase prints of your adorable pooches!

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Emmy & Lilly

Emmy and Lilly are such a funny pair, both black cocker spaniels with very different personalities but love each other so much! According to their mom: Emmy is the serious girl and Lilly is the crazy girl. Emmy is “book wise” and Lilly is “street wise” –  Love it! We had so much fun photographing these two in Addison Circle, just north of Dallas. We also had an incredibly beautiful day, perfect for two special pups and one lucky dog photographer!

I gave you guys a quick look at Lilly in the previous post and I’ve had a ton of questions… “what is she doing?” Ta-da – she was crunching down on some acorns, one of her favorite things to do. But don’t worry we took it away from her just as soon as she cracked it open, you can see her expression in the second photo…

Emmy & lilly 06Emmy & lilly 07-1

And here is the beautiful Miss Emmy – she is 13 years old and has been her Mom’s best friends for many, many years. You can see the love they have for each other.

Emmy & lilly 05-1

Even though Emmy is 13 and has had back surgery she still has a ton of pep in her step – I think Lilly keeps her young and on her toes! Check out that smile!

Emmy & lilly 12Emmy & lilly 09

Lilly is 3.5 years old, but she still looks like a puppy – she’s the perpetual puppy, how fun is that?

Emmy & lilly 04Emmy & lilly 02

I loved this bench and brick wall – I think the girls did too.

Emmy & lilly 10Emmy & lilly 16

Here’s Lilly showing off here white chin and chest… begging for a belly rub.

Emmy & lilly 08-1

At the end of the session Emmy was ready for a nap, but Lilly wasn’t quite done looking at squirrels out the window.

Emmy & lilly 11

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Say Cheese!

I couldn’t resist posting this photo right away – look at those itty-bitty teeth! More photos of Lilly and her big sister Emmy to come.Emmy & Lilly 01

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Bevo’s Party

Who’s Bevo?? He’s only the greatest mascot in the entire world!!  The mascot for my alma mater – The University of Texas. As many of you know Bevo likes to party on Football weekends & especially on TX-OU weekend! I was jumping for joy when I was invited to photograph Bevo at a party here in Dallas. Can you believe those horns?  He does a great job of balancing them and thank goodness his handlers did a great job of keeping them away from me the party goers!

If you attended the party with Bevo you can see all of the photo’s at this link: Bevo’s Party.  As we say in Texas – “Hook ‘Em Horns!”

Bevo 01Bevo 04

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A few of my favorite things…

Every now and then I like to go back through some of my past photo shoots and take a second look at their galleries. Things can look completely different once some time has passed. One thing I love to do is convert some of my favorite photos into black & white, and see them in a totally new light. I also love going back through the galleries because I get to remember each pup that I’ve had the privilege to get to know as a pet photographer. They really do each have a personality of their very own – and I can only hope to capture that in their photos. I hope you enjoy this Black & White look back!b&w 10-14 01b&w 10-14 10b&w 10-14 07b&w 10-14 02_ab&w 10-14 09b&w 10-14 06b&w 10-14 11_ab&w 10-14 08b&w 10-14 05b&w 10-14 03

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