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Kitties… and Bunnies Need Love Too

It’s been raining a lot the past few days here in Dallas, a far cry from Blue Mutt’s Afternoon Off. So we’ve been stuck inside – which is okay with me, because it means I get to spend time petting cats and rabbits! I’ve never had a bunny as a pet, but they are so soft I could pet them all day long. And you don’t have to sell me on the cats, I grew up with them and had them as pets up until I met my husband, who by the way is allergic to cats and rabbits 😉 These love bugs are looking for homes as well at the SPCA of Texas. 

SPCA cats_01SPCA cats_02

This beautiful white cat had me giggling the entire morning. I’ve never seen a cat this cross-eyed. Pretty endearing!

SPCA cats_03SPCA cats_04

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Blue Mutt’s Afternoon Off!!

Last week we had some beautiful weather here in Dallas. Blue skies and a nice fall breeze! Willie and I decided it was just to nice to stay indoors. So we shut down early and took the afternoon off :) We headed out to White Rock Lake to play a little fetch and watch the ducks. Willie had an absolute blast…check out that tongue.

Willie_WR 05Willie_WR 03

Willie loves to catch the ball high in the air. Usually the only time he misses is when I give him a bad toss, just like the on the right …oops! To learn more about Mr. Blue Mutt check out his own page – blue mutt

Willie_WR 06

Once Willie was done playing we sat and relaxed by the lake for a while, I just love his silhouette – I even used it as the Blue Mutt Photography logo! All I can say is that my “job” as a Dallas pet photographer ROCKS!

Willie_WR 01

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SPCA Thursday

Well they say if you don’t like the weather in Texas… wait a minute. That saying was true today. Rain, Sun, Downpour, Sun… But today is also SPCA Thursday. We fought through the morning rain and photographed these dogs in need of a home. 

This sweet girl is Rosie and she has the best eyes – beautiful brown eyes! 

SPCA 10-1_04

Meet Sinbad – who’s name should be flash! He didn’t sit still for a minute. But he was darn cute running around.

SPCA 10-1_02SPCA 10-1_01

Now if you are looking for a more unusual pup you’ve found her. This is Miss Brindie. Funny run, great teeth, and even a speckled tongue – my kind of dog!!

SPCA 10-1_05

Miss Brindie and Sinbad were so excited to be next to each other – I’m sure they slept the entire afternoon away after all that running.

SPCA 10-1_03

Holy cuteness batman! Meet Willie Nelson, enjoying the breeze, and Milly, being adorable!

SPCA 10-1_06

And last but not least is Scout. My heart melted for this girl – she is 12 years old and looking for a place to call home. Sweet, loving and well behaved – a dream doggie!

SPCA 10-1_07

As always – these pups are looking for a place to call home, and are available for adoption form the SPCA of Texas. I am so happy that I can use my passion of pet photography to find these loving animals some great parents!

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