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The Armstrong Family – Part 2

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving – it was so nice to just relax! Here is part 2 of the Armstrong Family: Ethal, Dolly, Oldie, Scaredy Cat, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Leroy! I love the little dogs in the tall grass – they all had this jump-skip-bounce-bobbing thing going on – too funny. I’m sure it really tickled their tummies.

Armstrong 11

Leroy the cat – who thinks he’s a dog! Photo on the right… really :)

Armstrong 13

These girls were crazy about their tennis ball!

Armstrong 10Armstrong 04Armstrong 09Armstrong 08Armstrong 05Armstrong 01

I had such a good time photographing this family. I love being a pet photographer and creating memories of our best friends.

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The Armstrong Family

The Armstrong family is a dream come true – a real life Brady bunch – but with pups not kiddos. A beautiful ranch – him with 4 pups and her with two are now one big happy family! Oh, and did I mention a cat who thinks he’s a dog?? There’s Ethal – the terrier, and the oldest of the bunch. Dolly, Oldie, and Scardy Cat – all Blue Heelers. Louis Vuitton – a toy terrier. Prada – a Cocker Spaniel/Lhasa Apso mix. And last but not least Leroy – the orange cat.

With the best weather in weeks, and an increadible backdrop we had so much fun just playing. It was too cute how all of the “kiddos” got along despite their different sizes and personalities. With this many models this will also be a two part post :)

Armstrong 03Armstrong 06

Armstrong 15Armstrong 16

Armstrong 12Armstrong 14Armstrong 02Armstrong 07

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Hazel & Deep Ellum Part 2

I promised more photos of beautiful Hazel and here they are! Enjoy & have a great weekend!!

Hazel 12Hazel 17Hazel 14Hazel 16Hazel 07_1Hazel 10Hazel 04

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Never Too Busy for My Shelter Pups

Things have been getting pretty crazy for Blue Mutt Photography. I couldn’t be more excited. However, I still want to take time to help pups in need find there forever homes. That’s why I spent this morning at the SPCA in Dallas. Check out these cuties!

Jake says “SAY CHEESE!!!” What a handsome guy!

SPCA 11-19 03

Jazzie is a young sweet ¬†girl who’s been at the SPCA waiting for home over a month now – that makes her a VIP (very important pet)!!

SPCA 11-19 02

This silly guy is Snuggles – he was so excited to see me and have his photo taken!

SPCA 11-19 05SPCA 11-19 06

Meet Piper, she’s a sweet girl. Very big – but very gentle

SPCA 11-19 04

Little Sally wanted to be on top of my feet the entire time. Ready for a pat on the head.

SPCA 11-19 07

Beautiful Tara has just about the softest fur I’ve ever felt. Her ears actually stand straight up – but when she smiles super big they go down.

SPCA 11-19 08

Moly on the left and Butch on the right both have a lot of Lab in them. Who could ever resist these smiles?

SPCA 11-19 09

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I’m So in Love With Hazel and Deep Ellum!

When I found out that Hazel’s parents wanted to do an “urban” shoot I was so excited I almost fell out of my chair! I was ready to try something new – so we did a bunch of scouting out areas and decided on Deep Ellum. I went out an hour early and just walked the entire area finding some really cool stuff. I am so happy with the results of this photo shoot, and I hope Hazel’s parents are as well! Of course it helps¬†that Hazel is an amazingly beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback full of joy. I just couldn’t decide which photos to post – so this will be a two-part-er…

Hazel 01Hazel 09Hazel 06Hazel 11Hazel 03Hazel 13Hazel 02

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