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Sweet Boy Max

This guy stole my heart, he is a 11 year old german shepherd who has a kind soul. He was right at home in Addison Circle, we just followed his lead and let him do his favorite things. Walking with his best friend – Jolene, playing in the water, chewing on sticks, watching the world go by… he also loves to be in the cool shade, enjoying the breeze. What a handsome guy!

Max 04Max 01Max 05Max 02Max 06Max 03

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Totally Rad Birthday

Today is a big day for me – I’m turning the big 3 – 0! This past weekend we threw a huge party, 1980’s Prom Night style, to celebrate the occasion. One of the big hits from the party was our “Freeze Frame” room where everyone got to recreate the fabulous prom photos that likely now reside in their attics.  Since it was Mr. Blue Mutt’s first prom, he made sure to capture the moment as well!  Here’s Mr. Blue Mutt saying Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday 01

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Oliver & Owen

Now, I know I love pugs and I know I love beagles… so when I heard about Oliver & Owen who are puggles I was so excited to meet them. Oliver & Owen are actually brothers – their parents only set out to get one puppy, but when they saw these two they couldn’t choose just one… I don’t blame them! Even though they look alike they have personalities of their own. Owen is on the left and Oliver on the right – they are both full of love, kisses, and tail wags. They also have a sister cat named Chloe, who is the queen of the upstairs. She’s pretty shy but we were able to get a few photos of her as well.Oliver & Owen 01-aOliver & Owen 07Oliver & Owen 06-a

Owen had just learned how to “roll-over” so he was proud to show the whole family his trick!

Oliver & Owen 02

I would say these two are pretty much inseparable :)

Oliver & Owen 08Oliver & Owen 10Oliver & Owen 11Oliver & Owen 12Oliver & Owen 03Oliver & Owen 09Oliver & Owen 04

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Fall Photos = FUN

Blue Mutt Photography paired up with Camp Bow Wow of Dallas to set up a Halloween/Fall photo shoot and raise money for pups in need at the same time. We had some great costumes and some great smiles. I love my job! Let me know which one is your favorite :) 

CBW Halloween 2009 06CBW Halloween 2009 05CBW Halloween 2009 010CBW Halloween 2009 12CBW Halloween 2009 09CBW Halloween 2009 04CBW Halloween 2009 18CBW Halloween 2009 16CBW Halloween 2009 08CBW Halloween 2009 11CBW Halloween 2009 15CBW Halloween 2009 14CBW Halloween 2009 17

A BIG thank you for Natasha, who helped me get these great photos!

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Meet Gustopher, Gus for short, a beautiful Lab mix with a kind heart and a happy go lucky disposition. We had a great time playing out at White Rock Lake enjoying the beautiful weather. I’ve never met a pup quite like Gus – he’s very tall, and fluffy, with a lab’s face – he can jump up to 6 feet in the air… yes his mom and dad have actually measured. It is a sight to see! He is extremely handsome but still has a goofball side to him that I love!

Gus 02Gus 06Gus 01

Ready for take off!

Gus 09Gus 05Gus 04

I think the tall grass was tickling him, so he started rubbing his face on it… too funny.

Gus 07_1

Gus 08Gus 10Gus 11

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