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“No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful niece, Ansley. She has become a bit of my muse – which I think she’s okay with because it means she gets to go on “adventures” with Aunt Alli.

Ansley loves to sing “Five Little Monkeys” and also loves the line of books by Eileen Christelow: Five Little Monkeys. She was so excited when her mom and I gave her permission to jump on the bed. These photos remind me how fun it is to be a kid!

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Sweet Ellie

Talk about a peaceful photoshoot. Ellie is the sweetest little Shih Tzu you will ever meet, at her senior age of 12 she still has a ton of love to give. Ellie lives in an amazing home with a french country theme – it was easy to find tons of great backdrops and spots full of natural light. I always shoot on location –  either at my clients home or an area park. You never know what to expect when you show up to a new location and it’s always a huge adventure.

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New Blog

Check out my new digs! For those of you who come to my blog often you might have noticed it being “under construction” Well, Ta-Da, here it is. The new and improved blue mutt blog. I would love to hear what you think. Likes, dislikes… typos 😉  I can use all the help I can get in that area. Spelling has never been my “thing” but that’s okay because I love the fact that photography is my “thing.” 

Lots of new post coming soon! I made a trip down to Houston to visit family, I always travel with my camera which is a good thing – because I ended up doing 5 different sessions in 3 days… whew!

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Snow… in Dallas!

Crazy – Fun – Cold! If you’ve watched the news lately you know that Dallas had record snow fall this week. I’ve never seen anything like it! We did it all: built two snowmen, went sledding, made s’mores over the fire… and went without power for 32 hours… brrrrrrrrr! I took Mr. Blue Mutt out to see what he thought of this strange white stuff falling from the sky – well he loved it! It was hard to get him to come inside – especially once he realized he could bury his soccer ball in the snow. Here are two quick photos I have managed to edit since the power has come back on. There are many more to come! If this only happens once every 50 years you can bet I filled up my camera… but I did put it down for a snowball fight!

snow 01

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More Snow Photos!

I still can’t believe how much snow we got here in Dallas… and only a couple days later it’s already all melted. I took so many photos! I was super excited when my neighbors, who also had no power, invited me to go sledding with them at Flag Pole Hill. Their two girls Mallory and Macy are just too sweet!

flag 02Flag 01flag 04

And did I mention that Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, loved every minute of it! Here he is standing in our backyard – the snow came up to his tummy :)

snow 02

The snow on the trees was beautiful!

 snow 06snow 07

Here is Willie diving into the snow after his soccer ball 😉

snow 04

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