Monthly Archives: March 2010

My SPCA Friends

The weather here in Dallas is really starting to feel like Spring. Beautiful blue skies always make me happy. I spent some extra time with my friends at the SPCA this week – there were some real characters! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

This little guy looooovvvvveeed his tennis ball, it is too big for him to carry it around in his mouth so he runs around holding it by the fuzz. See the fuzz on his chin!

This little puppy’s name is Jenson, can you believe those ears, and the one blue eye! And the love bug on the right was all smiles – too funny!

Dog?? Horse?? Dog?? Love it!!

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Heidi has got to be one of the softest pups I’ve ever touched! She is a Schnoodle, which is a word that makes me smile. A Schnoodle is half Schnauzer and half Poodle. I could pet her all day long – plus she is super smart and so well behaved. She loves treats – I felt bad when her mom told me I had just given her about two weeks worth of treats – but how could I resist? Just look at that sweet puppy face!

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