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SPCA – shelter dogs

Today at the SPCA of Texas here in Dallas was all smiles! Big ones too. I mean really, really, big ones. This first guy had the goofiest faces – almost like he was hamming it up for me. Just love it! Enjoy and adopt a dog today 😉

And don’t forget about the cats – they smile with their tails!

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Mollie – the 11 year old puppy!

Meet Mollie – when her mom called me and told me she wanted a photo session with her 11 year old Lab I was ready for a super slow, lovely old lady photo session. BOY was I in for a surprise! Mollie had so much energy and was ready to run, swim, roll, jump – and I was loving every minute of it! It makes me so happy to see such energy and health is an older pup! It was plain to see how much Mollie loved her mom and how much her mom loved her. I can tell they have an amazing bond and was happy to help capture that bond.

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My Forgotten Lens

We had a lovely lazy Easter weekend here in the Cameron household. So I pulled out a little lens that I hadn’t used in a while – the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 fixed lens. Since the aperture is so large (f/1.8) it makes the forground and background very blurry – which can create some great effects! However, it can also be tricky. You have to pick exactly what you want the lens to focus on. In the picture below I chose to focus on Willie’s nose:

And in this one I chose to focus on Willie’s eye. Even 3 or 4 inches makes a difference.

It was great to just play around with my lens and my pup – he was such a good boy we went straight to the park for some fun! I love my life as a pet photographer.

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