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Scout & Casper

Scout and Casper are two super laid back brothers who I first met at my favorite Dallas Doggie Daycare: Camp Bow Wow. I actually photographed Scout during our Valentines Day Photos last year!

I was so excited to see him again and meet his brother Casper, with his beautiful blue eyes! Scout is the older of the two at 10 years old, but you would never know it – aside from the presence of  his white eyebrows(so cute). You can even see a difference in his “aging” from February 2009 (above) to today. He is a “happy-go-lucky” guy, who really loves his Dad… and chasing squirrels. Casper, on the other hand, is only 2 and 1/2 years old – and very careful and shy. He is named Casper for a couple different reasons. First of all he is super friendly – lots of love for everyone around (that is once he knows you’re a dog lover) but holds a special place in his heart for his Mom. He also likes to hide and peak around corners to see what’s going on before joining in the fun. Also, you can never overlook his beautiful ice-blue eyes!

I love these two photos together. If I had to caption them… 1. Awe, mmmoooom – why do you have to embarrass me all the time. 2. Okay, I love you too and give kisses now! You embarrassed? (okay so I’m no comedian – check out I Has a Hot Dog for some real laughs!)

Action time – I wanted to highlight the ball that Casper is about to snag out of the air, can you find it? I just love Scouts face in his action shot – very determined!

I’m so happy I caught this candid moment of their little family.

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First Day of Summer… Technically

Today is the first day of summer – well technically that is. It has been summer for quite some time here in Dallas – multiple days with the temperature reaching 100! Maybe someone should tell the calendar makers to move it up a week or two 😉

Harry and Coco sure know how to enjoy summer time. You might remember Harry and Coco from a year ago – they recently got a new little sister named Gigi. Her debut on Blue Mutt will be coming soon – and you won’t want to miss this adorable little girl. For their second photoshoot Harry and Coco were pros. Harry enjoyed the breeze – cooling off in his hammock under a huge tree, while Coco jumped for joy in the green grass – showing off her moves for everyone. I think I might join Harry in the hammock – seems like he’s go the right idea for the summer time heat! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool!

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Shelter Dogs – A Couple of Must Haves

Today was a good day at the SPCA of Texas – Lots of love to spread around. I would like to introduce you to some must haves!

1. Must have a sense of humor (can you do that with your tongue?) and a heart that melts at that puppy face.

2. Must have a white couch…      and 3. Must have a very, very tall fence!

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I was lucky enough to go to Indianapolis recently to visit family!  Harper is my youngest niece and is growing SO fast! This was her just one year ago.

Now she is on the move – seriously, good luck getting this beautiful girl to sit still for a photo. Harper can be a little shy when you first meet her, but once she’s over that – she is ready to show you her dance moves and huge smile! I just love her little personality :) She is so happy and on the go, go, go!

I also love her adorable little dress – just too cute. It is a Matilda Jane. A creative new take on children’s clothing made by a young woman just like you and me. Check out her site – it is uber cool, and super sweet.

Girls love their shoes – wish I could pull these off.

I was able to catch a photo of Harper’s older brother, Cameron, on his way to the neighborhood pool. Can you tell they are brother and sister??

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Two Years… and still in love

Two Years ago today I walked down a sandy aisle, sprinkled with rose petals, with the sun setting and beautiful waves of blue in the background. With my closest friends and family by my side – I walked to meet the man I was ready to marry, my best friend and my love.  It was the most wonderful day of my life – everything I had ever dreamed of, our wedding on a beautiful beach in Cabo san Lucas.

I am proud to say that today, 2 years later, I am still just as much in love with that man, my husband, Brad. Happy Anniversary Honey!

Photo credit: Manuel Burgoin Photography

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