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SPCA of Texas Love Bugs

These little love bugs at the SPCA of Texas need a home. The kitty above is Miranda, she’s a little shy – but very sweet. I actually had my camera on the wrong setting when I snapped this photo, but I love how it turned out. Below is Boomer and he has the best ears I’ve ever seen on a dog! The first photo is “normal” boomer, ready for his glamour shot. In the second photo I made a noise and his ears went wild – straight out into the air. I about lost it which made Boomer very excited. He is only two years old and needs a loving home that will take care of him and get him a little exercise (but don’t tell him that) 😉

There are tons of lovable animals at the SPCA of Texas who are in need of a home – Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat and be loved for life!

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Sweetest House Guest Ever

One of our relatives recently adopted Missy, a beautiful Border Collie – and we have had the opportunity to have her as a house guest a couple times. It’s great because she and Willie are fast friends and love to run around in the back yard. I think they are trying to herd each other, which is just hysterical… We aren’t sure of Missy’s past, but she can be very skiddish – especially around men. She is very unsure of Brad, my husband, which just breaks his heart. We are hoping the more she comes over the more comfortable she will get with him.

I love, love, love when dogs tilt their head – believe me if you’ve ever been with me on a photoshoot I’ve got some really strange noises in my arsenal that can almost always get a tilt – no room for embarrassment when you’re a pet photographer. Usually my clients, who are awesome, will start trying to make their own noises to get a tilt. I even had one client get out his phone and use all his different ring tones :)  -Love it. But… I have never, ever been able to get Willie to tilt his head, either he knows all my tricks or he’s just too smart to be fooled. So when I found out Missy tilts her head at any noise I was giddy, and got my camera out as fast as I could. Also, you can see a peek of my office with the rug she’s on… my favorite color is orange and a black and white dog looks so good on it 😉

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Duchess & Painted Lady

Above is the beautiful and loving Duchess. I am sad to say this is my first client dog that has passed away. Duchess’s mom contacted me to set up a session with her two black labs, telling me they were 11 years old – but in good health, we then scheduled a session 2 weeks from that day. A few days later I received a call from a very upset mom, she told me that Duchess had been diagnosed with bone cancer and was scheduled to have her leg amputated to keep the cancer from spreading. We moved the session up immediately and took Duchess and her sister, Painted Lady, to their favorite park. The surgery was preformed a few days after our session and was a great success. Duchess was busy getting used to her new life, when she fell ill from infection and in a few short days it was her time to leave here and head off to her home in the sky.

I am so glad that I got to meet beautiful Duchess and be a very small part of her life. It means so much to me that I was able to capture her spirit before she was gone. My thoughts go out to her family. From what Duchess’s mom has told me, she and her sister had an incredible life: growing up together, playing in beautiful parks, and getting special treats.

I don’t want this entire post to be sad because Duchess was a very happy pup – we had so much fun at the photo session playing and exploring, their gallery shows how happy they are. I hope it brings a smile to their family! They look very much alike – that is Duchess on the left and Painted Lady on the right.

Duchess enjoying the tall grass and warm sun.

Painted Lady looking lovely.

Duchess on the left and Painted lady on the right.

Painted Lady smiled the entire session!

I know that Duchess will be greatly missed by all who met her.

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