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okay well his name is really just Scout, but everytime I see Scout I can’t help but go up to him and rub his ears while saying Scouty-Pouty with my bottom lip pushed out. Try it – no one’s looking…. See, I told you so :) Scout is a 10 year old dog that lives in my neighborhood and we like to joke that he has a crush on my little Layla. Scouts photoshoot couldn’t have been better. Scout was excited to show me all his tricks and run and play, after which we went inside to get some of those shots that just make you saw awwwe…

I was so extremely happy and almost proud of myself after going through Scouts photo. Why? Well, I feel like the entire gallery really captured the moment: the sun setting, the cool breeze of fall arriving, the excitement from Scout, the goofy-ness in Scout’s personality, the love between Scout and his mom, and the feeling of “home.” That is always my goal with every pet photography session and this one just seems to really capture it all. Let me know what you think… What “feeling” do you get from the photos?

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SPCA Thursday

Today was a great day to spend with all my little love bugs at the SPCA here in Dallas. The weather was great and so were the ears…

First up is Brody, who has some awesome ears and is just as sweet as can be. He is a VIP (very important pet) which means he’s been at the shelter for a while now and really needs to find his forever home.

Bailey has also got some interesting ears but she also wins the award for longest legs, those things go on forever! And look at that eye-liner 😉

And then there is Max, who is a hoot and can jump as high as my shoulders but is tiny! And lastly is Thunder, he is just a big goofball and has a happy heart!

I can only hope that my work as a pet photographer helps to spread the word to adopt a shelter dog today!!

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Kool Kiddos

A while back I promised you more Deep Ellum photos of my Uber Cool niece and nephew… and tada, here they are!! I don’t think I could adore these two any more than I already do. I just love their little, or should I say BIG personalities. And the best part is they are coming to visit me this weekend here in Dallas. Texas Sate Fair here we come! I’m sure I will have a whole new catalogue of photos after this weekend. Also, Willie and Layla can’t wait for them to get here – they enjoy constant attention and love from the kiddos. Wesley has adopted Willie as his own and Ansley has adopted Layla as her own puppy.

Just love these non-traditional kid photos!

Wesley’s Dad is a HUGE Georgia Bull Dog’s fan, so we thought these would be the best photos for him! We told Wesley to act angry in the first photo, love it 😉

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Tanzen & Georgia

I first met Tanzen almost two years ago at his very own Valentine’s Day party. He is such a sweetheart and I was so excited to hear that he had adopted a little sister. Her name is Georgia and they are best buds. Georgia is actually a lot like Layla, a little cautious at first… but a love bug deep down. I think they would be great friends 😉

Tanzen & Georgia’s session had to be split into two separate shoots because the sun just didn’t want to make an appearance on their scheduled date. Perfect for me because then I get to hang out with them twice!! I just love having some rainy day indoor photos mixed with some bright sunny outside photos.

A special thank you to Tanzen and Georgia’s mom for gifting me the one thing that has Layla finally walking on a leash!! It was as simple as a leash splitter, so Layla thinks that Willie is walking her… not me! Apparently Tanzen and Georgia weren’t big fans of it so it needed a new home, and boy did it find the right one. We are some walking fools now :) Both pups can’t get enough!!

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Bevo 2010

I had an amazing time at Bevo’s party for TX-OU weekend here in Dallas! I’m almost positive he remembered me from last year and now we are best buds… wink, wink. I just love getting the opportunity to be up close to our Longhorn mascot, and I still can’t imagine balancing those huge horns all day long. It’s a good thing that Bevo’s handlers, the Silver Spurs, know exactly how to make him a happy camper.

If you attended the party with Bevo you can see all of the photo’s at this link: Bevo’s Party 2010. As we say in Texas – “Hook’em Horns!”

Bevo was ready for a nap by the end of the party! He is so popular that he still had two more parties to go to before the big game :)

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