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the travel bug… France

My husband and I definitely have what I would call a severe case of the travel bug! We both love to travel so when the opportunity came up for us to go to Europe this past November we jumped. We spent some time in France as well as Spain and of course I had my camera in tow. It’s taken me a while to sift through the thousands of photos I took, but I finally got it narrowed down and can’t wait to share with you!

While in France we spent some time in Paris, where the food, the sights, and the blue skies were amazing! As well as some time in Lyon – which was a slower paced visit for us to refuel before jumping into Spain. And yes for those of you who have seen my post from our honeymoon – I once again, as a pet photographer, couldn’t resist photographing those French and Spanish dogs! That post is soon to follow :)

And as for my sweet tooth, it was well taken care of! We first started with some of the most famous macaroons in Paris – from a shop called Laduree. I just love the little box they came in but I wouldn’t dare tell you how much these 8 little cookies cost – but boy were they worth every penny! And below that is the official sweet of Lyon – they are made to look like little pillows or cushions (the story behind them is pretty cool – Coussins). I am so in love with the colors!!

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