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Sadie – the baby Aussie

I am so VERY in love with Sadie – and her mom is pretty cool too! Sadie is just a bitty baby – but is growing very fast. So we wanted to catch this cute puppy phase before it was gone! Cheerful, goofy, happy, clumsy, silly, fluffy – are all words that describe this spunky little girl.

Don’t you wish you woke up this happy every morning – 3 paws off the ground your tail and your tongue in the air!

A puppy “sit” and one ear that’s higher than the other would make any one squeal! I know I did!

It was obvious how much Sadie loved her mom and wanted to make her happy.

I can’t wait to watch Sadie grow up into a beautiful Australian Shepherd! I just love my “job” as a pet photographer – as if I could ever call this a job :)

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