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Bevo 2010

I had an amazing time at Bevo’s party for TX-OU weekend here in Dallas! I’m almost positive he remembered me from last year and now we are best buds… wink, wink. I just love getting the opportunity to be up close to our Longhorn mascot, and I still can’t imagine balancing those huge horns all day long. It’s a good thing that Bevo’s handlers, the Silver Spurs, know exactly how to make him a happy camper.

If you attended the party with Bevo you can see all of the photo’s at this link: Bevo’s Party 2010. As we say in Texas – “Hook’em Horns!”

Bevo was ready for a nap by the end of the party! He is so popular that he still had two more parties to go to before the big game :)

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As many of you already know it is TX-OU weekends here in the big D. Once a year Dallas is filled with Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners for one of the biggest college football rivalries around, and that means one thing… BEVO is BACK! Tonight I am headed out to photograph Bevo for the second year in a row and I couldn’t be more excited – I am a graduate of The University of Texas so it means that much more to me. As for the big game? I’ll be there in my burnt orange cheering for my horns… Hook’em!

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Bevo’s Party

Who’s Bevo?? He’s only the greatest mascot in the entire world!!  The mascot for my alma mater – The University of Texas. As many of you know Bevo likes to party on Football weekends & especially on TX-OU weekend! I was jumping for joy when I was invited to photograph Bevo at a party here in Dallas. Can you believe those horns?  He does a great job of balancing them and thank goodness his handlers did a great job of keeping them away from me the party goers!

If you attended the party with Bevo you can see all of the photo’s at this link: Bevo’s Party.  As we say in Texas – “Hook ‘Em Horns!”

Bevo 01Bevo 04

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