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Meet Gustopher, Gus for short, a beautiful Lab mix with a kind heart and a happy go lucky disposition. We had a great time playing out at White Rock Lake enjoying the beautiful weather. I’ve never met a pup quite like Gus – he’s very tall, and fluffy, with a lab’s face – he can jump up to 6 feet in the air… yes his mom and dad have actually measured. It is a sight to see! He is extremely handsome but still has a goofball side to him that I love!

Gus 02Gus 06Gus 01

Ready for take off!

Gus 09Gus 05Gus 04

I think the tall grass was tickling him, so he started rubbing his face on it… too funny.

Gus 07_1

Gus 08Gus 10Gus 11

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Say Cheese!

I couldn’t resist posting this photo right away – look at those itty-bitty teeth! More photos of Lilly and her big sister Emmy to come.Emmy & Lilly 01

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Awesome amounts of fluffiness headed to a Blue Mutt Blog near you! Winston and Lulu are ready for their close-close up! Stay tuned for more of their photoshoot!

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Quick Look

I just finished a photo shoot with two beautiful girls, Scout & Lillie. They had so much energy and were so excited to see me. Their little tails were wagging so fast they were a blur.

I wanted to give you guys a peak of their photos…I will post the rest soon! Here’s is Scout, she is so sweet and has the most expressive eyes.

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Dinner with bailey

Recently my husband and I went to a dinner party at our friend’s house. Dinner was amazing and they just happen to have a little yorki-poo. I was so excited that I brought my camera. I spent most of the evening crawling around on the floor taking pictures of little Miss Bailey, she is so cute and so sweet.

Here is a sweet picture of Baily and her mom

Bailey getting ready for her close-up

I can’t wait to photograph Bailey outside!

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