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Baby Smiles!

I am absolutely in love with this photo of newborn baby Graham! He is such a happy baby and this big grin shows it. And his owl hat is just the cutest thing around… I’m sure I let out a squeal when his mom pulled it out! Enjoy the smiles… many, many more to come!

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Murray & Lucy

Every now and then I am lucky enough to get to spend an afternoon with a gorgeous cat or two. And that is exactly what Murray and Lucy are for sure! Talk about a change of pace. Photographing two beautiful cats could not be more different than photographing two dogs. The first thing I always tell my cat clients is “The cat is in charge of this session.” Murray and Lucy were definitely in charge of their own session and it couldn’t have turned out better. They were a bit cautious at first, but with a little patience and some loving coaxing they eventually came out of their shells and showed me their curious personalities :) That is Murray on the left and Lucy on the right!

I just love cat whiskers! Check out Lucy’s long white whiskers :)

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Rosko… Hollywood is calling! I was filled with giddiness when Rosko, a 71 pound basset hound, pulled up with his mom in a bright pink Volkswagen convertible bug. A big entrance matched perfectly by Rosko’s big personality. He was the talk of the park and had many admirers. Everyone was drawn to him as if he was already the star he was born to be. I’ve never been around such a large Basset hound and I am in love with this guy from nose to tail! I even have a new addition to my warm and fuzzy, makes me want to squeal with joy list… you know: puppy kisses, warm chocolate chip cookies, and now Basset Hound paws 😉

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Mitchell & Marin

I’ve meet many a dog breed in my years of being a pet photographer and all around animal lover – but it always surprises me to meet a totally new breed that I have never even heard of. Mitchell and Marin are two beautiful Manchester Terriers – a beautiful, sleek, and strong breed that is super athletic and full of life. Marin is the smaller “little sister” of the two and was extremely curious about my camera – her smile is almost contagious. While Mitchell, the more watchful “older brother” was handsome and striking. What a pair these two make! And I can’t say enough wonderful things about their parents who can’t hide their love for these two pups.

Check out Marin’s little grin 😉

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My friend Remy has one of the sweetest personalities and an incredible family to go with it. I actually took Remy’s photos quite some time ago but it was a huge secret because Remy’s parents were surprised with a gorgeous photobook of Remy on Christmas morning.  Surprises are my favorite… I love to hear about the owner’s reactions 😉  (I heard there might have been a tear or two shed…)

I am so excited to finally share all of his beautiful photos with everyone! He is a striking black lab with a silver face showing his years. Such a sweet old dog with a great heart who is loved very, very much!

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