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Photo Day: Pet Resort Dallas

Blue Mutt Photography recently teamed up with Pet Resort Dallas for a fun filled Photo Day! Talk about some characters! I fell in love with each and everyone of these guys in an instant. From some of the goofiest to the shy ones, they all had a personality of their own. I met Phoebe – the sweet blind schnauzer; Mia – who has graced the pages of Modern Dog; Paris – who has her very own hot-pink wheelchair; Sammy – who is looking for his forever home; Snow – the deaf boxer; Easy (as in “The Big Easy”) – one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever met; the brother and sister team named Guns and Roses; Sadie – who’s missing half an ear; Freddie – who’s ears look as though she is always wearing pigtails; and so many more lovable fur-monsters!

Pet Resort Dallas is an incredible facility full of very happy dogs! The employees treat each dog as if they were their own and each day is topped off with an ice cream cone full of doggie ice cream! Talk about the life :) The best part of our photo day at Pet Resort Dallas is that 30% of the revenue from each photo went to Paws in the City, a local animal rescue group!! Thank you to Pet Resort Dallas and all their clients who helped raise funds for animals in need!

Oh, and be sure to tell me who your favorite is, especially if one of these is your fur-monster!!

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