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Murray & Lucy

Every now and then I am lucky enough to get to spend an afternoon with a gorgeous cat or two. And that is exactly what Murray and Lucy are for sure! Talk about a change of pace. Photographing two beautiful cats could not be more different than photographing two dogs. The first thing I always tell my cat clients is “The cat is in charge of this session.” Murray and Lucy were definitely in charge of their own session and it couldn’t have turned out better. They were a bit cautious at first, but with a little patience and some loving coaxing they eventually came out of their shells and showed me their curious personalities :) That is Murray on the left and Lucy on the right!

I just love cat whiskers! Check out Lucy’s long white whiskers :)

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Family of Ten!

I am so in love with this family of 10, yes 10! 2 parents, 1 daughter, 1 son,  2 cats, and 4 dogs: including a hysterical Jack Russell terrier, a fine looking mutt, and two beautiful Vizlas. They are actually all related to Henry & Winnie – two of my favorite doxens ever. Even with a huge group, each animal had their very own personality. We spent the morning playing with each one individually and then all together. One thing that makes me love this family so much is that they all sort of “adopted” one dog to be their own, and the rivalry is hysterical (even though they really do love them all).

First up is Rope – a beautiful Vizsla, who has won many awards and is just as sweet as can be. Who could resist that smile?

And Nick – a handsome mutt. Nick is a big goofball with the biggest puppy tongue I have ever seen. I got a good giggle from that :)

Meet Gus, the family’s little love bug – seriously he is tiny in comparison to all his brothers and sisters! When I went back to the client’s home for their consultation Gus sat in my lap the entire time – Love it!

And last, but certainly not least, is Maggie. Maggie is Rope’s sister,  yep they are the same age! We can’t seem to figure out why Maggie has gotten some gray and Rope hasn’t. My opinion – the aging process for us girls just isn’t fair 😉  But Maggie is just as stunning as Rope (having won many awards herself) and was ready to show off for me.

While back at home their feline friends were ready for their own session, well sort of. Remember my rules for photographing a cat: the cat is always in charge! These two were a little unsure but were just gorgeouse. That is Biggio on the left and Anni on the right.

A rare family shot – who shrunk Gus??

From that point on it was play time! I hope you enjoy all of my favorite photos from this FUN photoshoot.

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SPCA of Texas Love Bugs

These little love bugs at the SPCA of Texas need a home. The kitty above is Miranda, she’s a little shy – but very sweet. I actually had my camera on the wrong setting when I snapped this photo, but I love how it turned out. Below is Boomer and he has the best ears I’ve ever seen on a dog! The first photo is “normal” boomer, ready for his glamour shot. In the second photo I made a noise and his ears went wild – straight out into the air. I about lost it which made Boomer very excited. He is only two years old and needs a loving home that will take care of him and get him a little exercise (but don’t tell him that) 😉

There are tons of lovable animals at the SPCA of Texas who are in need of a home – Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat and be loved for life!

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Bert is one beautiful cat with a great name and a ton of personality. Photographing cats is very different from photographing dogs (as I’m sure you can imagine), and Bert was a great subject.

Here are the “rules” when it comes to photographing cats:

  • The cat is in charge
  • The cat is in charge
  • The cat is in charge

Well, that’s what they need to think at least. You just have to let them “do their own thing” while you follow them around and photograph them being beautiful! It just takes a little patience – a big thanks to Bert’s mom for being so very cool and loving her fur-baby so very much :)

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Kitties… and Bunnies Need Love Too

It’s been raining a lot the past few days here in Dallas, a far cry from Blue Mutt’s Afternoon Off. So we’ve been stuck inside – which is okay with me, because it means I get to spend time petting cats and rabbits! I’ve never had a bunny as a pet, but they are so soft I could pet them all day long. And you don’t have to sell me on the cats, I grew up with them and had them as pets up until I met my husband, who by the way is allergic to cats and rabbits 😉 These love bugs are looking for homes as well at the SPCA of Texas. 

SPCA cats_01SPCA cats_02

This beautiful white cat had me giggling the entire morning. I’ve never seen a cat this cross-eyed. Pretty endearing!

SPCA cats_03SPCA cats_04

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