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Good Morning Texas Video

Here is the video (or segment as they say in the TV biz) from yesterday’s Good Morning Texas. I think I’ve watched it about 20 time, no joke! I really do feel like I am living in a pet photographer’s dream! Hope these tips help you get some great shots of your furry ones.

A big thank you to Buster’s Grandpa for helping me with all the technical aspects to working with video clips! He even made me DVD copies to send to all my family members! Also, thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback – you really do make me feel like a superstar đŸ˜‰ And last but not least – wfaa channel 8 & the GMT team – you rock!

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BIG Blue Mutt News

Blue Mutt Photography is making it’s TV debut… LIVE! I couldn’t be more excited or nervous for that matter – But I can’t wait!

Good Morning Texas will be featuring me along with Mr. Blue Mutt (Willie) next Tuesday.  Channel 8 contacted us earlier this week to see if we could share some tips on how to get great photos of your own pet. I was so excited I replied yes so fast it probably scared them. Tips – have I got tips for you! Tons of tips!

So tune in (or set your DVR) to Channel 8 on Tuesday, the 17th, at 9:00am. Wish us luck!!

I will also post all about the show and the tips I will be sharing in case you miss the show :)

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