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SPCA of texas: Wagging my own tail

I must take this opportunity to wag my own tail and toot my own horn …just a little bit! I was super excited to find out that I have been chosen as the SPCA of Texas Volunteer of the Month. I was asked to write a short paragraph as to why I choose to volunteer at the SPCA and that really got me thinking about my time spent at the shelter. I started looking back through all of the photos of shelter animals that I’ve taken, and began remembering each animal. I couldn’t believe how many cats, dogs, and rabbits I had met while volunteering – I was surprised to find out that I have photographed over 850 shelter animals to date here in Dallas. As I went through the old photos I started picking out a couple of my favorites and decided to put together a little tribute to all the shelter animals. It brings me such happiness to know that each of these critters has found their forever, loving home.

I want to share with you the paragraph that was sent out in the SPCA newsletter that I feel really sums up my response to the question: Why do you choose to volunteer at animal shelters?

Hello, I’m Allison – a Dallas based pet photographer. I absolutely love what I do for a living and am so lucky to be given the opportunity to capture the spirit and personality of so many different animals. I volunteer at the SPCA because it brings such joy to me knowing that I might have had a hand in finding an animal their forever home. Pets, no matter how big or small, are always ready to give you their unconditional love, loyalty, and trust. It is only fair that we give them our unconditional love in return. I am committed to helping shelter animals in any way possible – after all they are the best of the best, and most of the time love you even more because they know they have been given a second chance at life. I adore my rescue dog – a one eyed blue heeler mutt, who is the most handsome dog in Texas… it’s true! I even named my business after him: Blue Mutt Photography – he is definitely living the life he deserved to have. Since starting at the SPCA of Texas I have photographed over 850 animals is hopes of helping them along their journey. Believe me it has been hard to not take them all home with me, but I have loved every minute of it!

On a side note: this article went out just a few days before we adopted Layla, so that is why she is not mentioned in my bio. However, I have big plans for Layla’s involvement in my business – don’t you worry. Willie isn’t the only one who will hold sole naming rights to my business. I’ll keep you posted and an update on Layla is coming soon!

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SPCA Thursday

Today is Thursday – the day I get to go play with pups and kitties at the SPCA! There were some cuties and some characters there today. First up meet Glory – she made me giggle… it was her first day ever to be on a leash – she was just a sweetie and stayed right by my side. The photo on the right is what made me laugh so hard, believe it or not – she is standing completely still and there is no wind. When she heard a noise that she was interested in, her ears would start flapping like butterflies… I was so lucky to catch them in action!

These two are Gypsy and Millie, both so loving and looking for forever homes. Millie just wanted to give hugs the whole time. Even though we knew she wasn’t supposed to jump up, I couldn’t resist the hugs.

This little sweetheart stole my heart… Her eyes say it all!

And don’t forget the little kitty’s – I love how they start purring right when you open their kennel. Calmest grey kitten I’ve ever seen by the way!

I would also like to thank Sharon, my fellow volunteer at the SPCA of Texas in Dallas. All of these photos wouldn’t be possible without her help getting the animals ready for their glamor shot. Thank you Sharon!

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Looking for a Home

It’s SPCA Thursday again – sorry I haven’t been able to post these adoptable furry friends every Thursday. I am going to start trying my best to put out a post every Thursday! Today was a blast. Dogs, dogs, everywhere! One pup in particular made my day – I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was photographing him…you’ll meet him a little later.

All of these guys are for adoption at the Dallas SPCA. 

Up first – meet Gunther, the 9 month old Australian Shepherd mix. He has the most beautiful eyes, with perfectly applied eye liner :) – such a sweet little boy!

Here are two Terrier mixes you’ve gotta love! Lucky on the left, and Mr. Spinner on the right – who will be featured on Channel 8 this Saturday! A Star!

This beautiful girl is named Sneekers, she is so calm and absolutely loved my camera! Super soft with a great fluffy tail to wag.

So here she is… Mitzi: the dog you need if you love to laugh! She was running circles around me with her ears and tounge doing their own thing. Prancing, dancing, running, jumping – Mitzi might need a yard but she will keep a smile on your face… I promise.

And last but not least: Lucy – A good old Cattle Dog. Now Lucy knows she needs to drop a couple pounds so she’s looking for someone active to play and run with! She loves the tennis ball and is well trained.

And finally a parting shot of Mitzi and Lucy giving me their best pose! Go Adopt Today!

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