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my friend ranger

Ranger is one of those dogs who becomes your immediate best friend right when you meet him. Within 5 minutes of me greeting him he had dropped his favorite bright green ball in my lap. His mom told me that meant he really liked me and that the entire shoot was going to be centered around that ball. Boy was she right – he was not about to let that thing out of his sight. It made for some great shots, I’ve got to get one of those for Willie!

Ranger also has an older sister cat named Shadow, she is beautiful but a little shy. Don’t you just love the color behind her!!

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Harry, Coco, & Gigi

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more caring family than the one that these three little ones belong to. Harry, Coco, and Gigi are all adopted shelter dogs – but they were also all special needs in their own ways. This loving family has taken all three into their home and given them the most incredible lives. These three pups might come in the form of a itty-bitty package but they each have their very own bright personalities. I first met Harry and Coco a year ago for their first photo session: harry & coco. I was so excited to hear that the family had added another adopted pup named Gigi to their family and I couldn’t wait to meet her.

I had such a great time playing with and photographing these three little stars!

First I’ll introduce you to Harry. His name is a little ironic, because the day he was adopted he didn’t have any hair at all… But now he is oh so handsome. Harry is very laid back and a little stand offish, but once he gets to know you he quickly warms up and turns into a little love bug. He spent most of the afternoon in the hammock enjoying a breeze under a huge tree.

Coco is the silly one of the group. A complete ball of energy ready to greet you with a jump and a kiss! She is a little superstar and looooovvvvves her treats!

And the newest member of the family is little miss Gigi. Gigi is such a little princess with a bit a shyness. She is still getting used to her new home and receiving love from humans. She was actually very scared of my camera but who can blame her – the camera is bigger than she is 😉 However, once she saw Coco preforming for the camera she decided to trust me as well.

I hope you can see how happy these pups are in these photos. I am so happy to have captured each ones personality!

I couldn’t be more in love with my career as a pet photographer, and it’s families with pups like these that make all the difference.  I am truly living a dream :)

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Willie’s Puppy Face

Who could ever say no to this puppy face? Willie, Mr. Blue Mutt, is the best dog ever! I might be a little biased, though…

I love my job as a pet photographer because this is my co-worker!

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