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Say Cheese!

I couldn’t resist posting this photo right away – look at those itty-bitty teeth! More photos of Lilly and her big sister Emmy to come.Emmy & Lilly 01

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A few of my favorite things…

Every now and then I like to go back through some of my past photo shoots and take a second look at their galleries. Things can look completely different once some time has passed. One thing I love to do is convert some of my favorite photos into black & white, and see them in a totally new light. I also love going back through the galleries because I get to remember each pup that I’ve had the privilege to get to know as a pet photographer. They really do each have a personality of their very own – and I can only hope to capture that in their photos. I hope you enjoy this Black & White look back!b&w 10-14 01b&w 10-14 10b&w 10-14 07b&w 10-14 02_ab&w 10-14 09b&w 10-14 06b&w 10-14 11_ab&w 10-14 08b&w 10-14 05b&w 10-14 03

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Little Pups, Big Hearts!

If you live here in Dallas you might have heard about the Faulkner County Puppy Mill that was raided a few weeks ago. They have finally made their way to the SPCA – ready for adoption and looking for a forever, loving, warm home. I was lucky enough to meet a large amount of these little guys. For some of them it was their first time in grass – some of them acted like it tickled their tummy, someĀ laidĀ flat in it, some even started rolling around in it. But there were also a few who we couldn’t even put down, they clung to us giving hugs and nuzzling our necks. I am so excited for these guys to start their new lives!

Meet Diesel &Nora

This is Silver & Dodge

Little Bubba & Cathy

Meet Moon (who looks like she’s wearing pig-tails) & Chix

These two are Kayla & Kiley

These are just a few of the pups ready for homes! Many more are waiting at the SPCA of Texas

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SPCA Thursday… Hot!

Today is SPCA Thursday :) One of my favorite days. However, today it is officially hot. We are up to about 98 or 100 degrees here in Dallas. No complaining from these adoptable furry friends at the shelter, they were ready for their close-up.

First up meet Weavel and Harry. Weavel needs a little work on the leash, he only has two speeds: sprint and stop! Good thing he’s so tiny. And Mr. Harry on the left is just as cute as he can be with some of the softest fur in town.

On the right is Squatty – not sure why she’s named that… maybe she was shorter than all of her brothers and sisters. I feel in love with her big brown eyes, what a sweet face. And on the right is Goldie, I can tell she will be someone’s loyal puppy till the end – she would just sit there and look at me while I talked to her, and she loves a good ear rub!

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